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So I was thinking about Blaster Master and that double boss at the end of the game, and I thought about something.

What if the penultimate boss was supposed to be a door that, when you beat it, opened up Area 9, and you'd have to go into the actual tower itself (instead of it just randomly being plopped there in the ending) and THEN fight the final boss?

It feels like it'd make a lot of sense to me, and I wonder if that's what they were going for, but time and/or space limitations got in the way.

I'm not sure how the Spike upgrade (shown on TCRF) would come into play though, but it seems to cover the rest of it easily.
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Originally posted by Reimu
The more I play Zelda 1, the more I'm surprised it took three decades for some influences/references to reappear in Breath of the Wild.

I'm more surprised that we haven't had a Zelda 2 remake yet.
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The Wind Waker is the cheeriest post-apocalyptic game I know of.
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Now I noticed that there's a Sega arcade game called "Sonic Boom", decades before the Sonic the Hedgehog TV show and video game of the same name.
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Now there's gonna be evil versions of the characters in Fire Emblem Heroes.
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Originally posted by Reimu
The more I play Zelda 1, the more I'm surprised it took three decades for some influences/references to reappear in Breath of the Wild.

based on my extremely limited experience i actually feel way more influence from contemporary open-world games (Elder Scrolls, even Minecraft) than i do from Zelda 1

honestly the only influence from Zelda 1 i feel is the extreme non-linearity and superficial things like the old man being in it... but there's tons of things that were present in Zelda 1 that have never been revisited, like the fact that navigating dungeons is its own puzzle... the sort of deductive reasoning that goes into exploring dungeons in that game that i thought was really neat (i.e. if this room isn't here and it isn't here then it must be here)

i guess it's harder than a typical Zelda too, but also Zelda was sorta trending in that direction with Skyward Sword and A Link Between Worlds to a lesser degree

but yeah overall i agree that Zelda 1 hasn't really had a lot of influence on other Zelda games...
my weird ass probably controversial opinion is that Zelda 2 had more lasting influence. most of the combat ideas were sort of adapted into 3D Zelda and refined (Iron Knuckles had their first appearance in OoT since Z2 and i don't think that's a coincidence), and most of Zelda 1's ideas that didn't involve extremely basic, fundamental things got sort of overshadowed and ignored after A Link to the Past
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The more I play Zelda 1, the more I'm surprised it took three decades for some influences/references to reappear in Breath of the Wild.
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Rhythm Heaven: Fire Emblem Edition.
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the more i play RPGs on the Game Boy, the more i realize FFL2, Pokémon and Link’s Awakening did things right. those games are perhaps the most coherent RPGs to come out for that system.
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I really like Jumping Flash.
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I think if I haven't been playing Terraria on and off since launch (also following a little pre-launch) and had started inexperienced nowadays, I wouldn't have had the patience to make it to hardmode. A lot just seems too hard to be done by personal exploration.
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I wish I didn't suck at all the games I play, but especially fighting games and FPSes.

But I'm 23 so I'll soon be too old for esports so meh
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Isn't it just a boring cellphone game?
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If Makai Wars does well when it's released, NIS America should bring this to the west.
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I've been playing Wild Guns (the original) lately. Probably the first time in a while I've gotten this hooked on an arcade-style game. I wish I had gotten into it as a kid, I think it would have easily been one of my favorites.

(Also, Hiroyuki Iwatsuki did most of the soundtrack, who is probably one of the most overrated SNES game musicians)
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I'm still bummed Rising Thunder got canned. Literally the first fighter where I got comfy and didn't have to worry about execution...

Fighting game accessibility has improved, but I doubt there's going to be another Rising Thunder. People love their shoryuken - motions.
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I had a weird thought earlier today, I wasn't around for when the first Zelda game came out. But I'm in my mid twenties now, and I'll most likely get to experience new Zelda games for the rest of my life. Like, it's not like they are gonna stop making them, and that's gonna add up to quite a few more games. :v
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I have Famicom-only title Holy Diver on the brain right now, mostly because it's my first in a line of challenges I'm going to be posting to YouTube on my "NES Expert" YouTube channel.

I've beaten Ninja Gaiden and Ghosts N' Goblins, and man, Holy Diver feels tougher than BOTH OF THEM. It took me four hours and I got about a third of the way through Level 4. I haven't fully watched any TAS in a very long time so I'm actually very rusty on what the last three bosses actually are. Good thing, I wanna play this more blind than anything.

Maybe if I'm lucky I'll be one of the only ones (if not THE only one) on the forum who's beaten it without cheating and can prove it. We'll see how many hours it takes!

No savestates are being used in this run EXCEPT where I have to stop the stream for the night. In that case I simply make a savestate on the Game Over screen so that I can continue where I left off as if it were one concurrent playthrough. No savescumming at all. Promise. :<
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I'm surprised that with all the shoutouts to pre-Mario games in Smash they've never referenced Radar Scope or Space Fever. I mean, they did a sequel to the latter on Game Boy Camera so....
Reverend Crush
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Originally posted by Rick
Bald Bull's got the more iconic status about him, as he's been in every Punch-Out game (aside from the arcade Super Punch Out!!) and he's got that "I've been in other games" slight cred of being in Arm Wrestling as well.

Was about to post this until I saw you thinking the same thing. Pretty sure Nintendo considers (or did) Arm Wrestling a bonafide spin-off of Punch-Out, so Bull would make the most sense as far as representing the series goes.

Random thoughts about video games? This may sound pathetic, but seeing the last official games of the Valis series going from action platformers to hentai is to me like seeing a child actor for a show you watched off and on grow up to hit rock bottom and be forced to do hardcore porn to pay for their heroin addiction.
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