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Jul - Projects and Creations - I still draw things, sometimes.
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A big PC is definitely gutsier, but I'm not sure it's that big a deal these days as the iPad Pro is definitely very capable.

Whatever you get, make sure it's something you'll find easy to fit into your lifestyle. It's not much point getting one for the computer if you find you want to veg out on the couch at night and you find you doodle in a notebook instead. Likewise, it's not much use getting an iPad if you're going to be at your computer anyway.

I'm finding I don't use my Wacom Cintiq and computer that often at the moment because the baby doesn't let me disappear into my office. But I definitely manage to use my sketchbook or iPad because I can sneak away to the couch.

Either way you'll have access to all the layers you could ever need. Perhaps when I get a moment (hahaha when's that) I'll try to do a kind of tutorial thing on my ever-changing method. I'll pop that in a different thread though, like the one I set up for tips and tricks.
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Wow, thanks for all the suggestions!

I haven't decided whether I want to go the iPad route or the computer graphics tablet route though. I might go the iPad route simply due to portability (like you said) but I could see some advantages of having one hooked up to a big PC.

I really like your suggestion about using layers and adjusting their opacity. Definitely will try that out once I get the hardware.
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Originally posted by Nin★Collin
Wow, your stuff is really nice! I've been meaning to get into some digital art myself, do have any suggestions on where I should start? Any book/guide/tip/hardware suggestions would be quite useful.

Aww, thank you! And sure, I can suggest some things.

I guess for hardware it depends if you want to use your computer, or if you want something portable.

In recent years I've almost stopped using my computer entirely and I've switched to an iPad Pro (with the Pencil). I can draw straight on the screen, and can take it with me anywhere (I drew Elliot from Mr Robot on the bus!) and lounge on the couch with it (I did most of the rest on my couch). I use a program called Procreate which costs a little up-front but it's very easy to use and very powerful. Most of the things in this thread were created in Procreate on an iPad. I'm finding most of the popular digital artists seem to be switching to the iPad Pro and Procreate as well.

If you want to use your computer, I recommend a graphics tablet. I've always liked the Wacom ones, but if you want to draw directly on a screen they get expensive. It takes a while to get used to using these too, but generally it's easier than trying to sketch with a mouse.

I'm not sure I have any book recommendations specific to digital drawing and colouring. I mostly kind of wing it. I do have some YouTube videos of my work, like this one of me drawing/painting Eleven from Stranger Things or X, or Lulu from Final Fantasy X, or the catgirl, that might help you figure out what to do. There are LOTS of videos on YouTube of people drawing/painting and giving tips.

In general I make a lot of use of layers and blend modes. I almost always put my sketch layer on top of everything at lower opacity with "overlay" set, and then have colours underneath. I also make use of lower-opacity on my brushes, and use the colour picker a lot. You then go over a section lightly and use the colour picker to pick out intermediate shades for painting. I could probably put something in the tips thread sometime about it.

Ahhhh what else. Um. Clip Studio Paint is nice software if you can afford it. A lot of people like Paint Tool Sai (if you have Windows). Photoshop can be really good if you use Kyle Webster's brushes.
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Wow, your stuff is really nice! I've been meaning to get into some digital art myself, do have any suggestions on where I should start? Any book/guide/tip/hardware suggestions would be quite useful.
Posts: 1697/1747
Mum found a folder of my very old art from when I was a teenager.
Posts: 1683/1747
Aw, thanks! I'm really happy with how it turned out. I was always going for cute, but some attempts have been better than others…
Posts: 5557/5574
This is fricking adorable!
Posts: 1682/1747
Catgirl, redraw of a thing I've done a few times over a few different years…

clicky here to look at every old and embarrassing version
Posts: 1670/1747
Thanks! Yeah, I like to dabble in a few different things. I guess I do illustration and cartoony portrait stuff the most, but it's really fun to play with patterns, pixel art, and animations as well.
Posts: 7370/7387
I like these. The variety of styles is impressive. My two favorites are the one with the baby and the fruit pattern.
Posts: 1665/1747
We never had the music box record player growing up, but a cousin did, and I remember playing with it a lot.

We recently bought some (of varying quality) because you can use a 3D printer to make new records for them. Fisher-Price re-issued them not too long ago, but it's all WRONG. The old ones were wind-up, and used bumps in the records to move the music box head and make noises. The new ones just have, I dunno, an RFID chip or something in the discs, no music box head (speaker, etc, instead), they need batteries, and you can't make your own records.

Also, aww, thanks! As for keeping it up… well… my drawing is very patchy and opportunistic at the moment, but I try. Sometimes there's no chance/I'm too wiped out for *weeks* and nothing happens. Sometimes the boy sleeps well or I get help around the house or something gives me a break and I get little creative bursts. It feels *really good* to make things. Like clawing back some of my pre-mum identity, but also relaxing…
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My family had one of those! I haven't thought about it in a very long time, so that brought back some pretty old memories.

Also, you still make some lovely art. I especially like your recent pattern designs. I'm glad you can keep this up in addition to your other responsibilities.
Posts: 1659/1747
Pixel Fisher-Price Music Box Record Player toy from the 80s

Posts: 1657/1747
Haha thanks guys! Well, I made another one, but it's somewhat Australian…


Birds! Specifically, birds that people don't tend to like. The Australian ibis (or "bin chicken") is known for scavenging in bins, the seagull… I'm sure seagulls do the same shit all over the world (which is steal your hot chips), and the magpie, which I'm told is very different to magpies elsewhere in the world.

I like magpies though. They are rad and they will only try to murder you if you've been a dick, or if lots of people in the area have been dicks.
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That fruit pattern is delicious.
Posts: 1655/1747
Originally posted by Lunaria
Yeah that looks really cool. Have you considered getting into the textile design industry? :o

Well, I'm thinking about it. I'm having a play with Spoonflower but I need to order some swatches before I can sell anything. I might try to do that later today.

I've also put it all on Redbubble which has some textile stuff, but mostly pillows and duvet covers.
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Yeah that looks really cool. Have you considered getting into the textile design industry? :o
Posts: 16/42
Originally posted by Tarale
And I made a fruit pattern with a very restricted palette:

(±) We approve of this fruits.

Posts: 1654/1747
And I made a fruit pattern with a very restricted palette:

Posts: 1653/1747
I made a coffee pattern on my iPad.


And I put it on stuff on Redbubble if you wanna give me a few bucks and get a thing.

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Jul - Projects and Creations - I still draw things, sometimes.

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