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12-14-18 09:27:22 AM
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Jul - Projects and Creations - I still draw things, sometimes.
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Thanks, guys! I was feeling really nostalgic and decided I'd give it a go.
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I love it
Posts: 128/132
Very nice :3
Posts: 2099/2117
dang lookin good, i like it lots
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Posts: 1877/1888
I drew the flower girl

Posts: 1876/1888
Thanks! Yeah, I was really trying to capture their likenesses as well as I could, in my style. I guess that's kind of... a thing I do now? I don't know when that happened and when I went from drawing standard manga stuff but??? Yeah??? But yeah it's... I can definitely see it's them when I look at it, and so can our friends, so I must be getting shit right.

As for Bowsette, oh man, the Internet really had fun with that one. But I never feel uncomfortable drawing outright smut anyway. Softcore cheesecake pinup stuff is fine though, I can deal with that. She was a good excuse to draw someone a bit chubby too.
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Very nice! The realism on that wedding gift is very impressive.

Also, it's refreshing to see a rendition of Bowsette that isn't... well, you know.
Posts: 1875/1888
Oh yeah, Cas can grow one hell of a beard. This is a very accurate representation of the beard. At first I think the beard was a novelty but now the beard is a whole thing.
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Is that a beard, or did they just glue a shrub on their face and forget about it for a few years?

(Not you, just, jeez that's a big ol beard.)
Posts: 1869/1888
The butts sign/whiteboard is one of the fantasy elements... at the moment we haven't set up that corner the way I want it. I'll get there eventually... I hope.

I thought about doing an isometric of the whole house but I seem to have run out of energy for it.

I drew some friends after their wedding:

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That is an incredibly fluffy bee

Originally posted by Tarale
Isometric view of my lounge room, only with some elements as I wish they were (not as they actually are)...

I like the "butts" sign. Reminds me of when you did an (outside) pixel isometric art of your house at the time.
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I quite like the bee. Looks rather nicely and vibrantly coloured.
Posts: 1868/1888
Aw, thank you! Yeah, I keep being told it reminds other people of games as well. I'll post it all when I finally finish it.

In the meantime, have a bee.

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That looks super cool! :o

Almost looks like something out of a game too.
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Isometric view of my lounge room, only with some elements as I wish they were (not as they actually are)...

Posts: 1858/1888
I made a second Bowsette.

Posts: 1857/1888
I made a Bowsette, for, I don't even know, reasons.

Posts: 1855/1888
Ridiculously colourful garbage

Posts: 1841/1888
Originally posted by Xkeeper
Wow, me too In fact, that's pretty much all I wear. I suppose I could go for shoes with better arch support, but these ones are quite old and probably just worn out.

As I've gotten older, the arch support has become quite important.

Oh, I'm also partial to a hoodie, and I like colourful patterned socks.

But sometimes I do try to wear a skirt, or a dress, and stuff. Like, for work, or going out fancy.
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Jul - Projects and Creations - I still draw things, sometimes.

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