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Jul - Projects and Creations - I still draw things, sometimes.
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Thanks! Yeah, I like to dabble in a few different things. I guess I do illustration and cartoony portrait stuff the most, but it's really fun to play with patterns, pixel art, and animations as well.
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I like these. The variety of styles is impressive. My two favorites are the one with the baby and the fruit pattern.
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We never had the music box record player growing up, but a cousin did, and I remember playing with it a lot.

We recently bought some (of varying quality) because you can use a 3D printer to make new records for them. Fisher-Price re-issued them not too long ago, but it's all WRONG. The old ones were wind-up, and used bumps in the records to move the music box head and make noises. The new ones just have, I dunno, an RFID chip or something in the discs, no music box head (speaker, etc, instead), they need batteries, and you can't make your own records.

Also, aww, thanks! As for keeping it up… well… my drawing is very patchy and opportunistic at the moment, but I try. Sometimes there's no chance/I'm too wiped out for *weeks* and nothing happens. Sometimes the boy sleeps well or I get help around the house or something gives me a break and I get little creative bursts. It feels *really good* to make things. Like clawing back some of my pre-mum identity, but also relaxing…
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My family had one of those! I haven't thought about it in a very long time, so that brought back some pretty old memories.

Also, you still make some lovely art. I especially like your recent pattern designs. I'm glad you can keep this up in addition to your other responsibilities.
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Pixel Fisher-Price Music Box Record Player toy from the 80s

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Haha thanks guys! Well, I made another one, but it's somewhat Australian…


Birds! Specifically, birds that people don't tend to like. The Australian ibis (or "bin chicken") is known for scavenging in bins, the seagull… I'm sure seagulls do the same shit all over the world (which is steal your hot chips), and the magpie, which I'm told is very different to magpies elsewhere in the world.

I like magpies though. They are rad and they will only try to murder you if you've been a dick, or if lots of people in the area have been dicks.
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That fruit pattern is delicious.
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Originally posted by Lunaria
Yeah that looks really cool. Have you considered getting into the textile design industry? :o

Well, I'm thinking about it. I'm having a play with Spoonflower but I need to order some swatches before I can sell anything. I might try to do that later today.

I've also put it all on Redbubble which has some textile stuff, but mostly pillows and duvet covers.
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Yeah that looks really cool. Have you considered getting into the textile design industry? :o
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Originally posted by Tarale
And I made a fruit pattern with a very restricted palette:

(±) We approve of this fruits.

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And I made a fruit pattern with a very restricted palette:

Posts: 1653/1676
I made a coffee pattern on my iPad.


And I put it on stuff on Redbubble if you wanna give me a few bucks and get a thing.

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Given which foot it is, would you prefer the jokes were just left behind?
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Originally posted by Xkeeper
Look at it this way: You can at least say you've put one foot forward.

Oh my GOD
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Look at it this way: You can at least say you've put one foot forward.

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Opportunistic doodle of my foot.

There's a lady on Instagram whose little one is a little older than mine and she is managing to draw often and I am wondering how she is managing to do that but it's kind of giving me a little bit of hope.
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I think I have to face the fact that I am not going to have time to do commissions for the foreseeable future.

The baby's naps are NOT getting better. I'm not getting free time. And now I have a major legal problem looming over everything, sucking up whatever time I'm not already spending on childcare, cooking, or cleaning.

It was a nice thought, I guess, but I was foolish to think it would get easier.
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That PayPal thing is good to know.

This post is partly for my own reference later, when I come back to this, but some very preliminary research on things shows that it's "Family Tax Benefit Part B" I am concerned about. I need to find its actual eligibility requirements somewhere…
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The only thing with Paypal is that commissioners need to check "digital goods" so that the system knows there's nothing to ship, and does not expect physical shipments to occur.

Also patreon is definitely not the way to go if you just want to do short bursts of commissions then take breaks. Patreon expects you to produce something over timeframes. And perks based on payment levels. Some artists do 'commission lotteries' though for higher price brackets.
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Jul - Projects and Creations - I still draw things, sometimes.

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