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To be fair, Yume Nikki itself is an RPG Maker game with no battles, leveling up, meaningful stats, or dialogue, so it's missing most of the main features of its own engine anyway.
Posts: 1/4
yume nikki clone using Pokemon RSE... not sure if it's stupid but using 20% of the actual game's features is amusing to me
Posts: 368/371
Mario Kart except everyone is riding motorbikes.
Posts: 2543/2543
Originally posted by Gabu
Dr. Wario.

Game is exactly the same except

All references and sprites for Mario are replaced by Wario
'Score' is instead called 'Gold'

Isn't that already a thing in Warioware on the GBA?
Posts: 9868/9870
Dr. Wario.

Game is exactly the same except

All references and sprites for Mario are replaced by Wario
'Score' is instead called 'Gold'

Posts: 341/341
This is more on the translation side, I'd love to see an English translation of the Japanese version of River City Ransom, mostly because of the differences. And add Slick's telekinesis in the game...

Posts: 9853/9870
Steamed Hams except it's a Super Mario World hack

bonus points though if I can plop it into a cart and give to dad alongside his very own Super Nintendo Chalmers

edit: I only mention this because I think my dad would absolutely adore not only the game, but also me giving him a game/program for him to use and enjoy, it smacks of him giving me a very rudimentary (and buggy in so much as it was just a slightly modified version of BASIC) writing program for the old Tandy computer when I was 5 because I loved writing.
Posts: 9849/9870
An enhanced Starfox with notably better graphics. Still on SNES, but on the FX2 microchip.

Because Andross clearly looks like Andross in SF2. Original... uhhhh
Posts: 158/188
A text hack of X3 (or whichever has the gold armour in) where Dr Light is a bit more self-positive when giving X the gold armour; Instead of "I am not worthy!" several times it's "I am noteworthy!"

Posts: 2510/2543
An ultimate edition of Advance Wars that has all the content of the series in one game.

I'll uh...see myself out.
Posts: 2876/2908
I thought this was the thread for bad ideas
Posts: 9848/9870
Starfox for SNES except it's all the girls.

Yep, even Krystal.
Posts: 98/118
Rondo of Blood, but the cutscenes are translated and dubbed using the same voice actors that Telenet Japan used for games like Last Alert.
Posts: 3/5
Aria of Sorrow hack, where the map is changed around a little so it's like exploring it all over again.

Pretty much can be applied to any Metroidlike game.
Posts: 9845/9870
Starfox except level object data is swapped with level environment data.

Hilariously, I've already done this. Wasn't quite what I was going for, so I'll have to get back into VL-Tone's uber-complex hacking program to fix it, if I can. If so, then I just need to figure out how to fix the header so it can run on my SNES Classic.
Posts: 3/3
Does something I actually made count? Because the dumbest thing I ever did was add 4x spawn-rate higher spawn-cap ghosts and chonchons (and also a ninja for good measure) to every screen in La-Mulana. It was a little silly
Posts: 8/10
Sonic 2(or any sonic game really) where you keep rings between stages, and the enemies don't take away all, but instead a certain amount of rings depending on the enemy. Preferably a large amount to have it challenging and encourage exploration.(wasn't aiming for stupid so much tbh )
Posts: 137/188
A bit ago I had this idea for a really Sonic hack while talking to someone after looking at the differing amount of chaos emeralds in the various games:

There's a lot of chaos emeralds. Man man many emeralds They're littered all over the levels. You should collect a bunch of them. When it comes around to the ending, Sonic dramatically takes cutscene damage and then drops the chaos emeralds he has. All of them. The good ending requires so many emeralds because as they flow out of Sonic's inventory they start piling out around the place and weighing down the Final Egg Place Zone untill it starts sinking into the ocean. Robotnik/Eggman gets forced out by a geyser of emeralds.


Yoshi's island but whenever the baby's crying the ROM tricks the emulator to unmute and gradually increases the volume.
Posts: 81/118
Yoshi's Island but instead of baby Mario crying it's Sagat saying "Tiger" over and over.
Posts: 5249/5258
Originally posted by Lunaria
The New super mario games that features Luigi mode (where the AI beats the stage for you):

Except Luigi plays the stage as a TAS would just to show off.

TASing the Luigi mode would be a fun April Fools' gag.

Lately I've been imagining porting the maps from Final Fantasy or Link to the Past into Pokemon.
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