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Jul - Entertainment - If you could only watch one TV show for the rest of your life, what would it be?
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The Wire or The X-Files
Because everything is futile yet mysterious and pointlessly fun.
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Frasier would be my first choice. I like to rewatch the entire series every other year or so because it's enjoyable from start to finish. Niles is my favorite character, even more than Frasier. His quips and one liners make every episode and his physical comedy is great.

My other choice would be How It's Made on The Science Channel. I can watch that any time it's on. Seeing things being cut, molded, flattened, assembled, packaged and boxed is cathartic. It helps that the narrator has a pleasing voice. I check every day to see if they have a marathon on that channel which happens a few times a month.
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Originally posted by sofi
JonTron. just kidding, i’d never watch that guy.

Especially not after what happened. Yeesh.

As for me, I dunno. Definitely something animated, but I'd assume that I'd go insane if I watched only The Simpsons for the rest of my life.
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El Chavo del Ocho. It's mostly regional silly humor, but for me it's still fun to watch even now. I guess I like it because of its light-hearted nature compared to shows like The Simpsons. It's got a lot of episodes as well, so it would take a bit of time before I got through them all.
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i'd say either Mythbusters or Law & Order: SVU
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I'd probably say Game Center CX, as I'm a nerd like that.

But also because Arino has a really likeable sense of humor and I could easily have enough episodes to cycle around through them, so as long as I didn't play the same ones too frequently, I'd be OK.
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I'm also say The Simpsons. I still rewatch a lot of the old episodes and they don't ever seem to get old. And the newer ones are still watchable. Even stuff during the "bad" period is actually quite funny to watch again now. For example, the episode where Homer has a website didn't seem that funny at the time, but it's accurately predicted our post-truth social media hellscape and it's hilarious now.
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I'd be split between Married with Children, Seinfeld, or Twin Peaks if the 3rd season ever comes out.
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Two shows I am inclined to say at the moment are MASH and Forensic Files. Respectively:

On top of being funny with other wider emotions in the mix and a fun cast, I think a show revolving around the Korean War is just interesting. It's result is definitely something we feel today so I feel that the show still has relevancy despite its age.

I love the mystery genre of "who did it and why". Forensics is a really neat subject and I love how clues can help reconstruct a crime scene to show how events played out. Also, random fact, most murders revealed on this show are by people who were actually close to the victim. Literal back stabbers
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JonTron. just kidding, i’d never watch that guy.

honestly, i’d be game to watch an eternal stream of Chinese infomercials.
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Ah, an impossible question.
It might be less painless to not watch ANYTHING than to know I can ONLY watch ONE SINGLE SHOW, always wondering/hearing about everything else I'm missing. I think I'll go with "I'd never watch tv again"

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Sienfeld. I enjoy most episodes and to me it never gets old. Corner gas would be my 2nd choice but that might not stay as good as Seinfeld if I watched it all the time.
Zero One
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Either Stargate SG-1, or Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, because I haven't found any other show that, once I've finished, I immediately want to go back and marathon again. These two do that for me. SG-1 is hilarious, and DS9 is just so damn gripping, even when you know how it all ends. Special mentions to SG-1's "Window of Opportunity", and DS9's "In The Pale Moonlight".
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And why?

For me it would probably be The Simpsons. I just think anything with too serious of a plot would get terrible after more than a couple rewatches, and whatever I do pick would have to be pretty long ideally. I love rewatching The Simpsons, so I probably would not get too horribly bored after a couple decades. Who knows, they might even still be making episodes...
Jul - Entertainment - If you could only watch one TV show for the rest of your life, what would it be?

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