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Jul - Gaming - Warcraft: Burning Crusade 2, Artifact Boogaloo
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Unfortunately I haven't had the time, motivation or money to continue WoW for a while now. I think I felt a bit tired of Legion arleady, but I suppose that's what happens when you play the same game for over a decade
Posts: 5899/5913
I subbed again for patch 7.3. So far it's enjoyable again and the Empyrium ore market is worthwhile that I farm at least once a night. Since last week, I've netted 125k just from selling the ore and a few epic gems from mining basilisks. The invasion points are fun and it's nice to be able to earn new gear from questing and farming rather than just dungeons and raids. Although it will be nice to have a new dungeon this week.
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I never really got into gold farming. I tried it a few times, such as selling ores or farming the infamous murlocs for disenchanting. That netted me enough for two tokens, but it didn't hold my interest.

Right now I'm leveling a lot of classes to 110 and finishing their class campaigns. I hear there's a FoS for all class campaigns done.
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I haven't payed real money for my subscription for a while now and I let it deactivate for a few weeks here and there between reups, but gem prices are so good right now I make gold hand over fist when I farm once or twice a week. I kill the basilisks at the fel crater in Suramar. Mine them for felslate and then prospect for ore. I can get about 600-700 felslate in an hour by server hopping and using the Darkmoon firewater that makes gathering faster. I used to sell the felslate directly but that's gone down in price a lot so prospecting is more rewarding. Just 1 or 2 pandemonite (green rare quality) gems make it worth it as they still go for about 4-5k on my server. Last week I got 16 out of 600 ore, netting me about 65,000 gold plus other gems, about 90,000 total from 1 hour of farming.

I've bought 6 WoW tokens in the last month to pay for 2x copies of Diablo 3 Necromancer DLC, 1 for the actual subscription, and 3 to pay for Overwatch special edition. Still have 340,000 gold left over. I should get back to 500k before this subscription runs out and I may buy another WoW token or 2 for StarCraft remastered.
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So yeah! I've been playing a lot of WoW over the course of Legion. Nighthold was done nicely, Suramar is awful thank god it's over. Now doing Broken Shore for that sweet class mount. I've also unlocked a lot of appearances for monk weapons, so that's nice.
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Originally posted by Kazinsal
Man am I ever looking forward to the Karazhan revamp. I hope they don't remove the original Karazhan like they did with most of the other dungeons they revamped as endgame re-releases...

Afaik they said they won't remove the original raid, you'll have two entrances.
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I returned to this wonderful addiction along with Stigandr and a few others. I've made it a few levels through Legion and so far I like it, but I can't help but feel that Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn did the whole "you are the warrior of light Highlord of the Silver Hand" thing a bit better. WoW is a much superior game for actually playing with friends, though, IMO, what with not requiring you to progress through a greatly single-player storyline in order to get anywhere.

FFXIV would be a perfectly serviceable single-player game if it didn't have annoying "oh by the way you need to do this trial/dungeon go find 3/7/11 other people to continue your single-player quest" crap every six to ten levels. But this is the WoW thread and I think I've ranted about that before.

Man am I ever looking forward to the Karazhan revamp. I hope they don't remove the original Karazhan like they did with most of the other dungeons they revamped as endgame re-releases...
Posts: 5857/5913
I didn't play for a while during Warlords. I let my subscription lapse for a few months but they they came out with the free to play option (buying game time with gold) so I started doing that. This was about a year ago. Since then, I've paid for every month with gold I've earned in game. Even managed to make more per month than the cost of the game time and I was up to 500k before Legion.

About Legion itself, so far I'm enjoying everything about it. The world quests are a great way to fill time. Mythic dungeons are decent difficulty and provide a good way to kill an hour and hopefully get some gear. I'm still playing my DK as my main, currently 844 ilvl and enjoying blood tanking. I'd say blood is a little squishy and really needs one more default "oh shit" button. There is one you get get from talents but the other options on the same tier are better. Can't wait to start raiding and doing Mythic +.
Posts: 3127/3165
I do personally like being a bit more important this time around. We're still helping major characters against the Legion, but instead of being a nameless mook that "does all the work" while lore characters collect the glory, it's nice to be recognized even if in the end the lore characters are the main runners.

I play on Argent Dawn EU myself, but I haven't got around to roleplay that much. Happily doing Legion content, but I'm sure I'll get around it. Argent Dawn does house quite a bit of OOC trolling, edgelords and ERP - happy people.
Posts: 1411/1426
I prefer not being the hero in an MMO. It's why I'm generally not big on themepark MMOs to begin with - if everyone's a hero, who are they helping?

That being said, I'm having some fun on Wyrmrest Accord. I haven't done much in Legion itself since me and some friends recently returned, though. Being on a roleplaying server just makes for a more relaxed game to me, I don't feel as much pressure to rush to the end.

And since it's not Moon Guard, the ERP is generally minimal. You do get the occasional incarnation of ultimate edge, but not often.
Posts: 3125/3165
Hey. I decided to break my long absence and to my wonder, there's no thread about the latest expansion to WoW. Legion! LEEEGION. legion.

I decided to get the expansion and a few months of gametime after a half-year break after seeing what kind of bore Warlords of Draenor was. Pre-expansion stuff was nice, fast way to grind alts to max level during the invasions. It was also nice to see that they killed Survival hunters, oh well. I didn't enjoy the class that much in any case.

So Legion finally launches and it launches smoothly - literally the best launch of an expansion. Funnily there's a few hiccups during the few days after launch, since Blizzard got hit by DDOS attacks quite harshly. But smooth launch also paved way into interesting questing experience. While I can't deny the game feels much more single-playerish with artifacts and you being the ultimate hero helping everyone and carrying that Ashbringer, it feels much more personal and fun. We're no longer the faceless mooks that helped Tirion to keel Arthas, we're Tirion himself.

There's a lot of voice acting too, which I enjoy. Seems like even one-time characters have unique lines they talk. Quests are your basic quests, you've done these a million times ever since Vanilla, but thankfully they're enjoyable and have an interesting story behind them, often than not. Also the decision to scale zones to player level is a great decision indeed, since it allows you to start anywhere and level with friends without being under- or over-leveled to the current zone. Bonus points for the dungeons of each zone being the "ending" of that zones story.

I have mixed feelings about artifacts. The acquisition for each artifact differs a ton, some have more interesting stories and quests while others are just "oh here's your superweapon, have fun". I do like how you level them, they feel like a mix of old talent trees and skills you get during leveling in a new expansion. Slowly growing more and more powerful. While we don't get any weapon drops in Legion, there's still a big variety of artifact appearances and colors you can choose from. And you can always transmog it into another weapon, if you so desire.

At 110, there seems to be a nice clump of things to do. Reputations, world quests, finding treasures and secrets, dungeons and PvP. World quests seem nice, a repeat of an old quest or something completely different. Just as long as you don't overdo them, they're fun to run. And Blizzard was a madman to announce new content before the expansion was even released! Karazhan and all that.

Anyone else still play this ancient MMO? Thoughts?
Jul - Gaming - Warcraft: Burning Crusade 2, Artifact Boogaloo

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