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12-10-18 11:30:33 AM
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Jul - Craziness Domain - BadnikNET is down
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Man, that story about Scarred Sun going haywire is quite an amusing story. However, I wonder if any future hacking might happen.
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Originally posted by Zeether
Oh boy, drama going down

Time to get the popcorn

I've had my popcorn since it started. Early preparedness ensures I have at least one bag on my person at all times. Just in case.
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Oh boy, drama going down

Time to get the popcorn
Kaito Sinclaire
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Okay, it was a KiwiIRC setting in particular, so it should work fine now.
Kaito Sinclaire
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Just so you're aware, because SS hijacked our settings file, you can't connect to the servers using KiwiIRC or Mibbit or anything that uses WebIRC, because the settings for WebIRC redirect clients to "". It'll be fixed in a few days.
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I was thinking that this was the perfect opportunity to rename the IRC to RustedlogicNET or something. But I understand why not to do it, technically you guys still have the real Badnik IRC network.

I wonder what is going to happen to Sonic Retro though. This all seems like a big mess.
Kaito Sinclaire
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The server's canonical URL is now

The other two URLs, and, aren't going anywhere, however. They'll be accepted alternatives for the foreseeable future. You can use whichever you like, just don't be surprised when the MOTD mentions "BadnikZONE".
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Originally posted by Nin★Collin
Well, that would explain the assholes seen on #retro lately.
I was wondering why nobody banned them.

On a different note, it took a restart of mIRC, but now I can continue... idling on
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What client are you using?
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I can't connect to the old server with or, they both redirect to the 'new' badnik server (read: insanity place).

For those not knowing what the hell is going on, I can try to explain it.
First, look at this log:
SS used a backdoor to get into the old server, and erased everything, and now started this 'new' server. The old server we all remember, is currently struggling to stay alive, as it is just running from RAM.
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¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Party's over everyone out.
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I just now entered it via
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Originally posted by Sanky
Picnic like there's no tomorrow!

did you mean: badnic like there's no tomorrow

*StapleButter is shot

anyway, seems I reconnected to fine. I still gotta change my BNC settings tho.
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I tried it and it still refused my connection. I'll try it again.

EDIT: Nope.
Kaito Sinclaire
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[15:41:20] <~Xkeeper> Inuyasha and ScarredSun got into an internet argument and ScarredSun tried to take her ball and go home
[15:41:24] <~Xkeeper> except she realized she didn't own the ball any more

I'd suggest you start using or to access the server starting right now.
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I don't know what's going on! I'm confused!!!!???
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I've a feeling there is no tomorrow! Probably because it's today.
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Picnic like there's no tomorrow!
Jul - Craziness Domain - BadnikNET is down

Rusted Logic

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