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12-18-18 06:39:44 PM
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Jul - Projects and Creations - Legend of Lana
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Okay so, this thread didn't exactly get any replies, but hey, the quest is done now, yay!
The page on PureZC can be found here: Link
If you prefer a direct download then you can get the quest with the music here: Link
(ZC needs to be downloaded separately from the developers page)

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I have been involved in making Zelda Classic quests for quite some time. I don't know why I waste my time with it since I can't commercialise it and sell it, but whatever. Anyway, point is I have been working on a Zelda classic quest inspired by the characters for Hyrule Warriors. Now, this quest was actually done and released a while back, but I'm polishing it up a bit and making it a bit prettier to release a "DX" version.

Here are some screenshots:

Currently I'm in the process of listening through a bunch of music since I decided to replace the entire soundtrack with, mostly, tracker music. This is to give the game a bit more retro feel..., but I don't really care about the details too much, most of my .nsf files have varying degrees of extension chips used.

The gameplay of this quest is shield-less and the main weapon is a re-branded candle style weapon that works on most things. Enemy weaknesses are mostly taken from Hyrule Warriors as well, such as the manhandla being weak to the boomerang rather than bombs. 'w'
Jul - Projects and Creations - Legend of Lana

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