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12-12-18 09:59:43 AM
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Jul - Gaming - Crack your 3DS!
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since i got a new 3DS (non-xl), i decided to give this a shot on my old one

....and almost forgot to set up the internet before downgrading to 2.1.0! luckily double-tapping Power while it was checking the .sha didn't break anything
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You know the first post of this thread said "its never been easier!"? Well, now its even easier! Really, its pretty easy:
Plailect's guide has been revamped and moved here:
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Alright, here are the links.

The starter pack. Extract it and put that on the root of your SD card.

Turn off your wifi, and then scan this QR code on your 3DS. Once it prompts you to turn on wifi, turn it on and reload the page.

This should open up the homebrew menu. Remember, on startup, to not boot up the homebrew menu after installing it, hold down on the D-pad.

Hope that helps
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Browserhax and Menuhax have been released for version 11.0, this also makes A9LH possible.
Hope this helps.

I've heard of the news, but not sure where to get the files for Browserhax, and I don't want to use GBATemp (have heard negative thoughts on the site's member base). The other place I heard about it had a weird URL that I can't remember.
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I have an old 3DS still on 9.5 on which I want to install A9LH but the process looks so lengthy, and that guide seriously needs a download list up front like Xkeeper said. I already had plenty of problems finding correct versions of software needed to dump the digital Fates save, which apparently uses some new encryption and my searches led me to outdated posts of people saying it was impossible to dump until I thankfully found someone linking to this beauty that does the job:

Posts: 670/776
After looking up the guide to arm9loaderhax, I realize that I am too lazy to spend the time reading all of that material and spend hours trying to get it working (at least for the time being). If I played my 3DS more regularly then I imagine it would be worth it. As it is, my 3DS hasn't gotten much use and I have only started replaying some old games as of this past week.

I will say though, I have just installed Luma3DS CFW. It now makes it possible for me to autoboot directly into emuNAND using homemenuhax. I tried in vain to get autobooting to work with rxTools because it features a nice set of tools in one package. However, the only time I could ever boot rxTools with success was with Ninjhax 1.1b or using the web browser exploit. Both of which suck as a main method of getting to the tools or emuNAND. Luma3DS CFW, on the other hand, worked on the first try using homemenuhax. I'm going to have to see what other tools/programs exist that offer the same functionality as rxTools.

For anyone who is curious, this was the guide that I had used. Took me maybe 30 minutes at most to get it working. Takes about ~30 seconds to boot into emuNAND. I know that arm9loaderhax is much quicker but this solution works for me.
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speaking of arm9loaderhax...

Gateway stole it and added lockdown to it, basically making your 3DS worthless without their cart, so... don't install their version of it
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It's frustratingly annoying and hardly worth it for arm9loaderhax, I had all I wanted before, but now browserhax is broken and I have no working entrypoint, have followed all guides to get browserhax working but nah.

I'll probably not get round to it this year either.
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After one friend nearly bricked from this and another actually did despite doing nothing wrong, I cannot in good conscience recommend people to do this. Be careful!
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Due to 11.0 breaking downgrades, there's two options:
  1. When the guide says to update to latest, don't.

  2. Use a firmware.bin from 10.7 and use that with Luma3DS.

I personally did 1. on my n3DS and it worked fine. After installing a9lh, you can update to latest safely after restoring the original sysNAND image as in the guide.
Posts: 1450/1762
Well, the latest update, 11.0, breaks homebrew (temporarily) and downgrades (possibly forever), so it's now or never

Originally posted by Xkeeper
Has the guide evolved at all? The biggest problem was that every step has its own "download this" list, and it often included stuff you were supposed to have gotten already, and even worse linked to pages instead of directly to downloadable versions. (Lots of fun around april 1, when a lot of crap was "released")

It has improved in small amounts. The author claims he can't maintain a zip of all releases, but it might happen later when the process is refined and stable versions of everything are out.
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Has the guide evolved at all? The biggest problem was that every step has its own "download this" list, and it often included stuff you were supposed to have gotten already, and even worse linked to pages instead of directly to downloadable versions. (Lots of fun around april 1, when a lot of crap was "released")

Posts: 6797/6890
I'm glad I did this.

It's simple, but a very involved process. Took me quite a few hours to complete the hacking process, although the tutorial was quite instructive.

Too bad I barely touch the system. Alas, one more device I have better control of.
Posts: 228/509
it's fun to see what the scene has become, though

I have been there during the early days, and for a while Gateway was the only way to get homebrew until Ninjhax was released

I should definitely look into the newer hax and all, though-- my 3DS is still on 4.5, and I'm probably missing out on things (like HANS), but eh, motivation :/
Posts: 2341/2546
Yeah, I did this on the spare 3DS we had once my wife upgraded to a N3DS.

It's pretty neat, although I'm mostly using it as a glorified GBA at the moment.

The process is really long though, easy, just...long. Took me two entire afternoons to do, just because of how long NAND dumps/restores take. And because I didn't have a large enough SD card the first day (protip: the default 2GB 3DS card is too small, you'll want an 8GB at minimum).
Posts: 653/776
First time hearing about arm9loaderhax. I'll have to google that up and see what it offers.

Thanks for the heads up.
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Originally posted by 2Tie

      hey guys am i doing it right

Don't think I can see any bricks on the photo, nor roof tiles or anything else like that, so yeah, I think you're fine!
Posts: 67/219
I'll softmod when it's not risky because while I do want to play Culdcept 3D I also don't want to risk a bricked console
Posts: 806/1104

      hey guys am i doing it right
Posts: 260/316
Got up to the TinyFormat part and the SD got stuck in the o3DS. 7/11 would hack again.
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Jul - Gaming - Crack your 3DS!

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