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Jul - Computers and Technology - Windows 10 Discussion
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Been using it as my main since release but much of the reason I've done that is because it makes it a lot easier for me to figure out if the OS is going to do something to people that would know any better.

Not like we'll have much of a choice, securely, by the end of next year, though. That mass upgrade from 7 to 10 that will hit me this time next year is going to suuuuuck...
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I don't like that Chromium will have so much market share, because even though it's open source, it's still maintained by Google and what they choose is almost final. They will basically set the defacto standard for the web.

There are some instances where Chromium does something incorrectly compared to other browsers. They could get complacent just like Microsoft did with Internet Explorer.

Now as far as W10 goes, I am actually going to install it once I get an SSD (and keep W7 and Linux on a separate HDD). Not sure I'll use it as my main OS though, but it'll be important to have it around when I need it.
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Well, 1809's -second- release is apparently not burning. Now I'm looking into 19H1 releases...the light theme that they've previewed to me looks absolutely awful and they're finally deep-sixing Edge in favor of Chromium. Which basically means we're down to the lion's share being Google and the rest of it being Firefox and then whatever else the less than 1% of people use, not counting people that are still on 7 using IE.
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Also, I hate the fact that 7 has spy patches and stuff now that makes the RAM usage go to about the same as 10 when idle on the same machine... I seriously will be getting a Vista/XP compatible machine because of this (i.e. an Optiplex 790 SFF HOPEFULLY with an Ivy Bridge i7)
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I don't think a Chromebook 11 G6 EE or an X360 11 G2 are old. They're both running either the latest version of ChromeOS or Windows 10 respectively.

Not the greatest specs in the world but I don't think you're going to go all out for kids in a school district.
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Originally posted by ひりゅう
Yea, they're definitely still alive and kicking. I work on plenty of them under warranty for school districts all the time.

School districts tend to use older machines though right? The college I go to uses Vista era Core 2 Duos in their computer room and Lenovo for their laptops.
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Yea, they're definitely still alive and kicking. I work on plenty of them under warranty for school districts all the time.
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HP... are they even in existence anymore? I only associate them with computers from the early 2k, lol, not really seen any HP mention since like 2013 (when they closed Compaq)
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They would attempt to patch it a few days later before removing said patch. Patch ended up causing a lot of machines, mostly HP, to blue screen with a WDF_VIOLATION.

I should know, I was fixing them.

I still have no clue when they're going to properly release 1809. It's probably going to be as delayed or more than 1803.
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It probably uploads them to cloud for NSA inspection first, lol.

I hate the forced updates, I hate the forced pushing and forced UWP garbage in Windows Store that seems to only be Indian scams, I hate the UI (it's the wrong way to do flat design - flat doesn't mean "one colour everywhere", and I could say so much more about this trainwreck of inconsistencies and civil warfare.
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Revolutionary of Microsoft to help its users free up disk space automatically by *checks notes* deleting all of their important files
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I have nothing to say.
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I was waiting until the day that forced updates would screw something up major, like something that could do permanent damage. Well that day was today. Actually it was last week, it's just that I'm late to the news.

Some time ago Microsoft screwed up a feature that could redirect/move files to the cloud on Windows 10, making it create a few empty folders for no reason. In Update 1809 (the October Update) they wanted to fix that feature by deleting those folders...except they screwed it up again and instead deleted a bit more than they should.

And by "a bit more" I mean "most to all your documents".
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A computer at work running Windows 10 decided to randomly install an update out of the blue, no prompt, no nothing. That said, things move so slowly there that having one computer updating didn't really make much of a difference. The internet was fast enough that it didn't really take much time to download, it was mostly preparing to download the files and then installing. If that happened in the financial department however, oh boy it would've caused some problems.
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Yeah, that's a fair point, but you can definitely do that in W7 by clicking the arrow next to shutdown and selecting a different option (iirc, I don't have any pending updates atm). If it straight up asked you, I imagine too many people would just always click "install later" and you'd be back to forced random updates. Although only pushing that on people who haven't updated for a few days would still make the regular case so much better, at least for non-critical updates.

Alternatively, they could get good and make the updates not take 2 goddamn hours. I can do a `pacman -Syu` once a week and it takes like 2 minutes.
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Originally posted by rakiru
My Windows 7 install will never pester my about updates, and will just install stuff when I turn it off. You know, that time when I least need my computer and it is free to do whatever it wants.

That works well for desktop computers, less so for laptops. Especially when you want to leave quickly to catch your bus or whatever, and it decides to install updates when you turn it off, forcing you to sit and wait.

Ideally it should ask you whether it's okay to install updates before shutting down or whether you're in a hurry or whatever.
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While I can understand them trying to stop people disabling updates altogether, or delaying critical security updates for months at a time[1], I hate and cannot agree with how they went about it. My Windows 7 install will never pester my about updates, and will just install stuff when I turn it off. You know, that time when I least need my computer and it is free to do whatever it wants. I can't for the life of me figure out a way to make Windows 10 do that. It also seems to have random settings for every user, because I'll complain about update feature X, and friends A, B, and C will be like "oh yeah, it does that to me too", and friends D, E, and F will be like "that has literally never happened to me even once", but the set of friends that have seen it will be different for every thing I complain about. That "Countdown to goodness" patronising piece of crap is a perfect example: I had something very similar a few months ago, and only 1 other person I mentioned it to had seen it, even though most of them have stock settings and have changed nothing.

I have Windows 10 installed in a VM (for the few games I can't play on Linux - it supports some stuff that Windows 7 doesn't that brings it closer to native performance), and I swear it spends half the time it's on installing updates. I'll boot, wait 10 minutes for everyone else who's playing with me to go get drinks, etc., etc., launch Overwatch, get everyone into a party, spend 5 minutes in a queue, finally get into a game, then 2 minutes later, it'll popup telling me I need to update, stealing focus from the game, and probably causing me to die. I can hit escape to stop it from installing the update right there and then, but it still needs me to manually start the install later (because apparently it makes sense to push updates hard, but no longer automatically download them?!). So anyway, I'll finish playing, click the thing to install (because otherwise I'll shut down without installing it, and it'll just try to force-install-and-reboot next time), then wait literally 1 fucking hour for it to download at dialup speeds on our 100Mb/s connection, and another hour for it to install, before it finally shuts down. Except, oh no, that's not even it done. I then have to launch the VM again, so it can continue installing the update on boot (that thing you would normally do when you need to use your computer), and it proceeds to spend half an hour rebooting half a dozen times to finish updating, all while telling me it's "almost done" or some bullshit. There is no way I could deal with this shit on a computer for daily use where I actually need to get things done, nevermind the mounds of other bullshit it does. Fuck this shitty OS.

[1] So many botnets are composed of Windows machines that hadn't been updated for years, because either the manufacturer or the user disabled updates. At that point, it's not about protecting the user from themselves, but protecting the rest of the internet from all the crap sent out by these machines.
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Regardless of anything else, if you tell your computer "don't restart until x time", it should bloody well not restart until x time.
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Yeeeeaaaaaah. This is the type of shit that just makes me unable to understand why people can think windows 10 is even close to a decent OS. An OS should help you operate your computer, not operate on it despite what you want.

It's a shame windows decided to go down this route, since there aren't many alternatives. v.v
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fuck this shitty operating system. fuck it forever.


3 days ago:
"ready to update!"
me: let's schedule a time. install updates on the 24th

2 days ago:
me: *gets home* oh hey it... rebooted... and all my stuff is gone.
me: oh, windows updated, and it immediately greets me with another "update available, restart now" dialog. no. fuck you. update in a week

this morning:
"REQUIRED UPDATE!!!! reboot now!!!"
me: no. reboot L A T E R.

"all set for that update we're going to do in the middle of the day! lol!"

i have turned off windows update, disabled the service, deleted a bunch of task scheduler entries, and am about this close to just deleting system files instead
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Jul - Computers and Technology - Windows 10 Discussion

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