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11-15-18 09:58:34 AM
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Jul - Gaming - Splatoon Thread!?
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It's because of that that I haven't even played that mode yet...
Posts: 22346/24691
Is there any justification given for why one of the modes is time-restricted? That seems really weird.
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Yeah, I've got a copy of Splat 2 as well. My wife made sure we had a day 1 copy hahah.

Salmon Run is neat, but I hardly get to play because the ping-matching is really tight and I'm at a fairly low level at the moment. Only get to play in pre-arranged squads.

I dislike that league is limited to B-rank and above only, considering that's how I almost exclusively played Splat 1. The single player is a bit of a drag I'm finding...but I'll finish it eventually.
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Didn't touch the Testfires, but after watching some midnight-release streams and hearing about friends getting the game I impulse-bought it as well... and it's been pretty rad! The story mode level design is pretty good, separating Ranked mode's ranks between each mode (and making the squad ranked stuff not have letter ranks either) doesn't let players rely on just one mode they're good at to climb to the top, and oh my god Salmon Run is super fun with friends.

The new Dualies have been pretty fun too (and it seems like there'll be new long-range dualies tonight!), although I'm so used to having all the weapons and gear in the first game that having to start over is kinda painful... Oh well.

EDIT - Oh yeah, new NA and EU Splatfest voting should be up, I think. Mayo VS Ketchup!
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god damnit nintendo
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nintendo deleted alex zandra's thing from splatoon sooooo oopsie nintendo
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Miiverse might be dying, but at least Splatoon 2 is keeping the dream alive
Posts: 22269/24691
I was thinking about it, but I didn't get much fun out of the original Splatoon, and from what I've seen the sequel isn't much different. Which is good if you enjoyed it!

I'm kind of torn on Pearl and Marina though. Marina is cool, Pearl just seems like an ass. But again, that's just from what I've absorbed by watching the game.
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Splatoon 2 comes out tomorrow. Hope you have your wallets ready.
Posts: 31/137
Is anybody gonna play the demo of Splatoon 2?
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I avoided that splatfest. Also I think I know where my money is going to go next. Oh boy.
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Squid Sisters amiibo coming July!

And some recolored Inklings too, I guess.

So what did everyone think of the SpongeBob-themed splatfest? I kinda missed out on it.
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While I doubt anyone cares or will use it, there's a Splatoon dedicated channel on irc.badnik. It was Inkopolis, but has since been replaced by #BooyahBase. Feel free to join it.
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I've got Splatoon. Some of the music is quite catchy. I've put my NNID in my signature. Feel free to send me a friend request.
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Another Splatfest just ended, winners are Burgers! And if they stick to the 'Splatfest every three weeks' thing, we'll have the next one right after Christmas, when even more players are gonna join in... That'll be interesting.

...but it turns out I appeared on someone's Splatfest stream? Pretty neat to finally have pics of me mid-battle.

And the Nice vs Naughty Splatfest just ended...

...and with an insane 59% win rate Naughty took the win.
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Regardless of how popularity would've ended up, Pirates won enough games to win the Splatfest.

Also, in Japan their Splatfest was "What do you think will save the world, Love or Money?" and team Love won, while Europe's Splatfest is coming up on November 11 and is gonna be Zombies versus Ghosts.

Nintendo Direct just announced another big update for Splatoon - two new maps (a resort and a museum) plus a lot of new gear! I'm looking forward to all the new gear combinations and fashion choices, hahaha.
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Originally posted by Delpolo
... If you're in Turf Wars, then in theory you'd be matched up against people of similar level but in practice it's fairly random. ...

It is random, Turf War isn't meant to rely on ranking, skill, or levels to assign players. It's basically the "free for all no locks" sort of mode.

Also hi you trip+ nerds.
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Originally posted by Drag
I like pirates, but I've been team Marie for every splatfest so far, and I know that if I actually go against that this time and go with pirates, that'll be the losing team. :\

Same here... I'm torn!
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I like pirates, but I've been team Marie for every splatfest so far, and I know that if I actually go against that this time and go with pirates, that'll be the losing team. :\
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Don't mind me, someone took this screenshot after a private session and I really wanted to post it somewhere. If only you could choose not to display player names, then I could post it elsewhere!...

Anyways, Splatoon got a balance patch on the 20th! Nintendo has some fairly well-detailed patch notes here, though the gist of it is that E-Liter chargers are nerfed and can't snap-shot as easily (ie, one-shot without fully charging), blasters' damage is capped to not OHKO if you don't hit directly (ie, with the explosion), rollers can't OHKO if they don't aim their ink flick directly (so you won't aim for one person and somehow catch multiple people with a Dynamo's crazy range), and various shooter weapons got minor buffs. I made a lot of sets for various weapon types but it seems like all of them were nerfed, so I'm thinking of trying out other shooters instead, welp.

In more recent news, the North America Splatoon Tumblr's announced the next Splatfest!

Pirates vs Ninjas!

They've also changed the Splatfest score calculation for wins to be worth 6x as much as popularity
(as opposed to 4x since the last change). Seems like they really don't want people to just pick what they assume is gonna be the popular team, haha. I don't really care much for one side over the other (especially when we don't really have any gear to go alongside 'em) so I'm probably siding with Pirates for the green color.
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Jul - Gaming - Splatoon Thread!?

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