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11-13-18 09:26:50 PM
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Jul - General Chat - So I went to a thing called Anime Boston...
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I used to go to conventions down in Orlando on the regular. haven't been to a convention in five years, but man. Those things were a blast at night.

Sure, daytime was the typical convention shenanigans, but it's Orlando; their nightlife is off the hook. The conventions would all turn in to sex, booze, drugs and general debauchery.
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Oh God, I hope that FNAF shirt is at Fanime when I go next month.

(Speaking of, anyone around here coming to Fanime next month?)

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Nidhogg's on Steam, y'know!
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The only thing I noticed about Nidhogg is that it's not on the XBox Live store, just the PSN? Fuck if I had that thing for XBox then I'd have a blast playing it with people.

I'm pretty sure that's actually a Scout Regiment hood! I wanted to do an Attack on Titan cosplay this year but wasn't able to get anything together for it after quitting my full time job.

Thanks guys! ^.^
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Oh no. I just logged back in and saw your message. Sorry about that! Still, glad to hear that it was all swell.
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That Scout regiment and other Attack on Titan swag is pretty alright! And Proto Man.

I'm jealous that you met one of the composers of Mega Man! Some of my favorite game soundtracks come from the first few games.

Yo Nidhogg is fantastic. The extra modes/variables are a blast too! Them spinal swords
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And I had a BLAST. Oh my God. I couldn't have asked for a better con a couple of weeks ago. This was good too, as 'cause some of you know, I'm in a horrible financial rut. Thank the gov't for tax refunds that work in my favor.

Meeting Manami Matsumae, the composer of the original Mega Man music (and a bit of 10, and now Mighty No.9!). Mega Man's always been a positive thing in my life and this might've been my only opportunity to ever thank someone that was on the team personally for this. ;w; With a translated letter in hand for her, I gave that to her, and later got a CD by her which she signed, but she also saw my Mega Man and Ice Man tattoos and took a cell phone picture of them! There was another guy at the table who saw them and was all "SUGOI!" and that totally made my day too. And finally, she also signed my Mega Man 1 cart! She laughed at the bad box art Mega Man on the label. I don't think she'd ever seen it before honestly! XD

Coming in 2nd Place in a video game tournament in the VG Room! Oh man now that was unexpected. I signed up for this thing called the "Retro Game Gauntlet" and was expecting to get royally curb-stomped. There was a variety of rounds, and I only had troubles toward the end. These were the rounds in particular, copy-pasta'd from somewhere else, because I'm lazy:

Round 1: Nidhogg I honestly don't remember the title of this very well but this was the qualifying round one. Never played it before but it was fun as hell and I wanna download it now. XD
Round 2: Mike Tyson's Punch Out!! - Last as long as you can against Tyson. I lasted about 50-ish seconds.
Round 3: North & South - Train hijack game, make it to the end. I impressed people by actually doing a pacifist run of this, but only because I could honestly, for the life of me, NOT get the knives to throw. I wasn't being cocky guys, I couldn't get the knives to work! XD
Round 4: Karate Kid - Fly catching mini-game. I got all but one fly, tying for first on this one.
Round 5: Double feature!
Blades of Steel - Win the fight. I lost, but the savestate made it so the CPU had a head start by one punch. Oof. Not a big deal though.
Spelunker: - Highest score on the second loop of the game. I did terribly on this even though I was experienced. If I hadn't slipped off the rope I could've probably made first, but no big deal.

I won a Portal T-Shirt and a $25 gift cart for Fandango. I would've loved to have had the choice between XBox/PSN/Nintendo eShop points, but I'm not going to complain about a free gift card to something. :3

And also, con loot! Feel free to ask about any of it:

And also, my amazing multitude of con photos! You can see me as Ellis in a few of them. :3

Overall, I just had a good time and wanted to share it with a bunch of people here. :3
Jul - General Chat - So I went to a thing called Anime Boston...

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