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Jul - News - Ukraine protests
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Guess who's been barred from the ISS? The US, because of the sanctions against Russia.
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Originally posted by Forbes
Will the West let Putin get away with it again?

Most likely. Putin's plan depends entirely on the West continuing to not use military intervention, an option that's statistically not popular in the United States.
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You know that Crimean voting thing? Apparently, only about 30% of Crimea's voters actually went to election, and half of them voted for annexation.
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Surprise, More sanctions against Russia, which will deepen the already bad relations between the US and Russia. This is a glimpse as to how Russians generally think of this situation.
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Should correct this, but in my previous post I meant to say:
"although considering there aren't many people from Eastern and Southern Ukraine in the current representative body in Kiev...", because I can understand why the people there are upset at what Kiev is enforcing.

The president of Ukraine promises to punish these protestors, as they currently refuse to acknowledge the government's power.

Yeah, it's become a pretty nasty situation, with politicians from the U.S. alienating themselves from Russia and China.

Also, I should mention that Google Maps only shows Crimea as Russian territory in Russia, a provincial border in Ukraine, and a dotted line indicating an ambiguous territory in the U.S.
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WELL, this conflict does not seem to be going down at all. :/
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Been nearly a month since there's been anything here, but here's a summary:
*Crimea switched time zones from the Eastern European time to Moscow time.
*Consequences resulting from Crimea's annexation include NASA cutting off tries with Roscosmos and Canadian, European, and US sanctions toward Russian officials. Of course, Russia has their own sanctions in repsonse. Also, McDonalds has closed their restaurants in Crimea.
*Meanwhile, in Russia, propaganda is spreading around further in schools due to the Crimean annexation.
*Donetsk, a Ukrainian oblast near Russia, has been declared independence from Ukraine and has been trying to get closer to Russia. No one recognizes them, not even Russia. Luhansk and Kharkiv have done similar actions. Kiev is trying to stop protesters, although considering there aren't many people from Eastern and Southern Ukraine...
*Russia has increased gas prices and has threatened cutting off their supply (again). In response, the Kiev government is trying to sue Gazprom, while Putin is warning Europe about this.
*A massive military build-up on the Russian side, while a Russian ambassador complains about US ships in the Black Sea.
*Kiev blames Russia for the anti-(current) government protests in Ukraine. Talks are ongoing between the EU, the US, Russia, and Ukraine.
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I saw this coming the moment they said anything about it, and the West is too weak to actually do anything about it.

Really, it's not even news, since nobody's gonna do a damn thing about it anyway.
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Originally posted by Peardian
On the same day that the US and EU are imposing sanctions, Russia announces that it recognizes Crimea as an independent state.

Oh boy.

And the day after Russia called the Republic of Crimea an independent country, they annexed it into the Russian proper. Putin most likely doesn't care the slightest about this, and calls the U.S. hypocrites for allowing Kosovo to become its own state. I won't be surprised if all of Ukraine gets absorbed into Russia.
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On the same day that the US and EU are imposing sanctions, Russia announces that it recognizes Crimea as an independent state.

Oh boy.
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Unsurprisingly, Crimeans have voted to join Russia.

Needless to say, sanctions may come about, but there's no telling as a good portion of Europe gets most of their gas and oil from Russia. I have a gut feeling that eastern Ukraine may be next (since the easternmost parts mostly have Russian speakers).
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So uh, there's this supposed new vote to be taken on 16th March where people of Crimea will vote for joining Russia. I really doubt this would work out and some other nations have objected to this illegal thing.

Also, Obama wants to impose sanctions on Russia for its actions in Ukraine, but this would make things even worse since, among other things, he wants freeze their assets and boycott their gas exporting.
If this gets actually done, this is not going to end well for everyone in Europe.
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It just keeps getting worse by the minute. Due to Yanukoych's outing (which is HUGELY unfavorable for the Russians), the majority of Crimea (that is to say, the Russians living there) are protesting a lot. Russian forces are coming into Crimea and have effectively gained control over it. The reason given by Russian officials is the ultranationalist motives against Russians living there.

Russia itself is blocking many of the protesters' sites. The EU and the US have been making a lot of charges against Russia, claiming it's defying international law with their armies taking control of Crimea.

Also, the Russian and US stock markets have fallen because of the out-of-control issues in Ukraine. The already damaged foreign relations between Russia, Ukraine, the EU, and the US are all spiraling down.
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There have been some changes, such as the release of opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko and the ousting of Viktor Yanukovych. Lots of parts have been burned up as well. The country did not split up into two, but there's still a ton of political tension.

The parliament is still trying to work out everything, so the crisis comes to a somewhat more satisfactory conclusion. The protests also resulted in a worsening of the credit rating though, which is quite bad for the still-not-quite-recovered economy. Also, the opposition got into the presidential palace.

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This is crazy. I mean, it is. And to see how this is going on CNN, it just stunned me about what is happening there.
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What was the point of the EU when a lot of states want to split up ... I can think of two provinces in Spain, half of Belgium, Scotland, now Ukraine and who knows what else is going in France, Italy, Germany...

Actually, I just looked this up. I wonder how some will fare.
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You know how the European Union has been trying to help with the situation in Ukraine...

Well, someone leaked a diplomatic call (and spread all over Russia) and has hurt relations between the US, Ukraine, the EU, and Russia.
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Fun fact; most of my extended family lives in the Ukraine, such as my brother-in-law, uncle, granddad, all but 1 of my cousins, and pretty much everyone else. None are dead, mostly because there's no revolution happening where they live, except for where my sister and brother-in-law are (they're in Kiev), but they're fine. Which is great.

But I think splitting might be for the best, or just a change in who rules the damn thing.
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Originally posted by Gabu
Splitting may as well be for the best right now. I mean I will admit that it's a very shitty solution, but it should at least let the dust settle.
Well, until one of the two parts tries to overthrow the other.

If that happens, I bet we'll only see dust up in the air.

But still, splitting would be the only choice to prevent anything bad for the moment.
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Splitting may as well be for the best right now. I mean I will admit that it's a very shitty solution, but it should at least let the dust settle.
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Jul - News - Ukraine protests

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