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Jul - Entertainment - Cartoons you watch
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Posts: 1950/1950
there's a lot of stuff out that i've totally missed that looks cute and/or good (steven universe, star v. the forces of evil, avatar/legend of korra, over the garden wall, we bare bears, world of gumball)

i liked ed edd n eddy when i tried rewatching it, it was surprisingly funny. powerpuff girls was cute. i didn't really feel like courage the cowardly dog has held up all that well

i have a notepad file full of cartoons i'd like to watch or rewatch but i'm too lazy to motivate myself to watch them so i mostly just watch the odd simpsons or king of the hill every now and then

rick & morty is hit-and-miss, but when it hits it's REALLY good and when it misses it sucks a lot

(and then of course i watch a lot of anime lately but yeah)
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Steven Universe is pretty good & very gay. I appreciate it.

I don't really keep up with modern cartoons that much, but the amount of vitriol that comes from entitled grown men about them is astounding.
Posts: 2509/2509
I think the only cartoon I watch is Steven Universe. I was watching Archer for a while but I stopped paying attention to it a while ago.
Posts: 1778/1780
oh my god

in other news, there's a new She-Ra and a bunch of whiny manbabies on the Internet are mad because they can't see her bewbs.
Posts: 9839/9841
It's crazy to think that Gumball was recently talked about on Fox News (because of course), when they forgot to mention The Canidate.
Posts: 1766/1780
Man, every clip I see of The Amazing World of Gumball is just complete gold. I really have to check it out some time.
Posts: 9838/9841
I could explain how the writers on The Amazing World of Gumball has definitely ramped up its critiquing of American culture in recent years (especially the latest season), but look a drug
Posts: 55/97
South Park, Futurama, and Archer.
Posts: 4/14
I’m currently burning the series Tomorrow’s Joe to DVD. I can’t wait for the movie to come out on Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack. I need better internet access to watch Tomorrow’s Joe 2 on Crunchyroll.
Posts: 3471/3797
i was watching Peppa Pig in Cantonese a while back. this was enjoyable & i felt the Cantonese-speaking part of my brain activating.

i’m shocked, though, Peppa is such a brat. then i watched a clip of it in English & it rly upset me, those piglets are so grating w/ their whiny British voices.
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I like Scoobdy Doo Where are you (1969 - 1971) that's a cartoon i re watch a lot.
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Seconding (thirding?) the love for Rick and Morty. I haven't had a chance to watch many cartoons lately, but I liked Netflix's Voltron, and before that I enjoyed Gravity Falls. I'm quite fond of Steven Universe and I'm… oh wow I'm probably behind. AWESOME I HAVE CATCH-UP STUFF TO WATCHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSS

Edit: OH OH OH I hear there's new DuckTales for me to check out as well!
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Originally posted by Gabu
Been watching TV a little bit more in the past two or three weeks, and since I'm basically parked on some Nickelodeon-owned channel, I've been getting into Hey Arnold! and Rocko's Modern Life.

I mean I have the entire series of the latter on my external drive, but

Hey Arnold is wonderful. How much of it have you seen?
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Been watching TV a little bit more in the past two or three weeks, and since I'm basically parked on some Nickelodeon-owned channel, I've been getting into Hey Arnold! and Rocko's Modern Life.

I mean I have the entire series of the latter on my external drive, but
Reverend Crush
Posts: 16/51
CastleVania is surprisingly really good. Like, really good.

I've been binging King Of The Hill again. The Hills remind me so much of my in-laws (their kids are nothing like Bobby, for better or worse), so I'm looking at it in a completely new light.

Rick & Morty is always awesome. Rick Sanchez is my spirit animal. Problem is that I don't have cable so I can only catch it whenever it hits Hulu. Well, save the first episode of Season 3, best April Fools ever.

I don't really watch much anime anymore. Last show I finished was Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (I consider each generation a full series.) I'll still watch 90's stuff when I come across it, especially YuYuHakusho and Ranma 1/2, but newer stuff doesn't keep me interested very often.
Posts: 336/338
Checking out Castlevania on Netflix...
Posts: 29/118
Still watching some episodes of Family Guy.
Posts: 11/18
Originally posted by Kak
Currently watching Cow and Chicken.

Why? They've butchered some parts of the Italian Dub to save money and that's unacceptable. (Not sure if or )

Oh well, now I can since the video driver got fixed.

Have you seen the pilot for cow and chicken? Its been banned from airing on cartoon network because of how much smoking is in the episode.
Posts: 312/338
Right now I'm currently watch Border Town on Fox, that show really makes me laugh.
Posts: 5/213
I have been watching the occasional episode of Hey Arnold! which was pretty much the only Nicktoon from the 90s/2000s I liked. Helga is basically one of my favorite animated characters ever and gets so much I've never realized how subtle her relationship with Arnold is and how much he cares for her, even though she constantly torments him day in and day out, because he knows deep down she's got some kind of good side.

Also her home life is rough. I knew Miriam was a secret drunk since I was young but both that and their favoritism exhibited towards her sister are a telling reason for Helga's behavior.
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Jul - Entertainment - Cartoons you watch

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