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06-18-18 02:24:13 AM
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Jul - Entertainment - What are you listening to now?
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This album is solid GOLD
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αI was listening to SomaFM's Groove Salad earlier while working on stuff. I know that's probably pretty well-known, but still. It was pretty good for doing chilled intellectual work to, except sometimes when tracks with weird lyrics would come up (and I'd just stop it for a while and resume later).

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The rattling of my server's fan..
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I listened to some Homestuck - Cherubim again. It was nice.
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on an Amiga kick again
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I don't know why, but this song came up in my head earlier. Great song even if the level itself is a massive difficulty spike compared to the rest of the game.

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Basically had this on all day in some fashion-- I've been trying to cover it (third time I've tried actually, heh), plus I just love this soundtrack so much anyways.

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Current soundtrack: DAYTONAAAAAAAA
Zero One
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Somehow, for the first time in my life, Metallica. It occurred to me that I'm constantly so wrapped up in to listening music from games, or one of Linkin Park/Pendulum/NSP that I've basically missed a ton of really great stuff. Guess who's trying to catch up :V
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Zero One
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All of the Ninja Sex Party music videos on their channel. They are so good, and I am mentally 12.
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was expecting this to be more like picopop, was surprised to learn it was more of the chill type of j-indie. some dream pop sounds w/o the obnoxious dream pop vocals (sorry i really don't like the dream pop vocal style anymore). sort of reminds me of Linus' Blanket.
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Space Manbow! I love that soundtrack, real nice use of SCC.
One of the composers of that game (and several other Konami titles of the era), Yuji Takenouchi, has his own Soundcloud that he somewhat regularly posts on. It's full of some gems, including this arrange of Manbow's ending theme.

As for me, I found this soundtrack in my music folders earlier today, and this track in particular stood out to me, along with Zuntata's other arrange of it.

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I generally listen to game soundtracks these days, most recently the OST for Space Manbow. Cool game as well.
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Revenger and Fate.

The moon dwellers versions of both the music and the mechas are great. If I had a PS4 I would import the game, because it actually got sort of an official english translation (But was still not released in any other regions, afaik).
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A lot of The Chameleons - Script of the Bridge lately, and I was reminded that Aswad - Shine exists yesterday so that's been going for a bit as well.

(looks like links aren't very easily readable at times on this layout. I should do something about that.)
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I'm listening to a few songs from the Minecraft - Volume Alpha album. Sure, they've been around for a while, and I know quite a few people find them boring, because these are quite slow-paced songs for the most part. Still, there's something so relaxing to them...

They make me remember a few memories of my past Minecraft worlds. One of the houses I build on top of a hill, there'd be clouds going by, the walls were mixed cobble and stone. It was quite a small place that barely had any aesthetic to it, you could even see the hill on the other side through the window! I don't remember getting much further in the game in that world, I don't think I even made a portal to the Nether. There's also my oldest Minecraft world, which is probably still on a computer somewhere at my aunt's house. I don't remember much about it other than it had a house somewhere in mid-air, it was made of Acacia I think?

Then there's my "current" survival world, which I haven't done anything to it since 1.7. Another small house on top of a hill. This one, I didn't really like as much to be honest. This is probably when I started getting bored of playing single-player Minecraft.

There was also the Jul server III. Before this, I had played Minecraft through slightly-less offical manners such as demos and alternative launchers. This server was what made me buy Minecraft for real, and I enjoyed it while it was still active. I ended up missing the first few days or weeks (and I wasn't happy that I got there sort of late). Then there's CaffieCraft...which I guess is where I'm at now.

I guess the really fun part of Minecraft for me is the beginning, really, starting up, looking at the world around you, exploring places to find somewhere to settle down, adventuring in general. There's something about the environment sometimes, it's just so peaceful. Some of the places had such an atmosphere that I actually felt like I wanted to sit there, somewhere and appreciate the scenery.


I dunno why suddenly I'm so nostalgic about everything.

I guess I can also take this time to listen to the songs from the album that aren't in the game. They're...weirdly different from the rest.
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perfect way to start Sunday morning
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Jul - Entertainment - What are you listening to now?

Rusted Logic

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