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08-17-18 08:00:10 PM
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Jul - Entertainment - What are you listening to now?
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The Planet Song from Blue's Clues. A throwback of my childhood.
Posts: 19/20
Power Quest: This House
where the word "House" in the title is actually indicative of the track's genre, at least as far as I'm concerned.

Posts: 139/143
A VRC6 cover of "Dummy!" because it characterizes the mood I'm in (which is energetic posting spree mode )
Posts: 121/125
This song reminds me of when my family used to have the HP Media Center PC.
Posts: 445/448
Death Road to Canada - One More Road
Posts: 119/125
Let's see...

Tons of Organ Tapes, as per usual. He's becoming one of my absolute favorite artists.

Beverly Glenn-Copeland, whom I have no idea how to describe, so I'll just link Ghost House here.

God - Possession -- nasty hybrid of jazz and grindcore by Kevin Martin of The Bug fame (but from much much earlier).

The new Object Blue is going to be amazing -- not out yet, but Chipping At the Kingdom has an upload.

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Current soundtrack: Quartet (Arcade). Some amazing FM synth.
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Been listening to this song on the radio after watching Deadpool 2.
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This album is solid GOLD
Posts: 39/51

αI was listening to SomaFM's Groove Salad earlier while working on stuff. I know that's probably pretty well-known, but still. It was pretty good for doing chilled intellectual work to, except sometimes when tracks with weird lyrics would come up (and I'd just stop it for a while and resume later).

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Posts: 121/143
The rattling of my server's fan..
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Posts: 1699/1805
I listened to some Homestuck - Cherubim again. It was nice.
Posts: 3439/3450

on an Amiga kick again
Posts: 62/98
I don't know why, but this song came up in my head earlier. Great song even if the level itself is a massive difficulty spike compared to the rest of the game.

Posts: 11/20
Basically had this on all day in some fashion-- I've been trying to cover it (third time I've tried actually, heh), plus I just love this soundtrack so much anyways.

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Current soundtrack: DAYTONAAAAAAAA
Zero One
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Somehow, for the first time in my life, Metallica. It occurred to me that I'm constantly so wrapped up in to listening music from games, or one of Linkin Park/Pendulum/NSP that I've basically missed a ton of really great stuff. Guess who's trying to catch up :V
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Jul - Entertainment - What are you listening to now?

Rusted Logic

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