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Jul - Entertainment - What are you listening to now?
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my musical appetite has been slowly returning and i've been wasting it on norwegian pop from 10 years ago
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Big pile of stuff to throw in here, though I'm too lazy to link everything...

Organ Tapes - Lost Half, probably the very last decent OT song I haven't looped 300 times.
Ssaliva - Believer. This artist collabed with Organ Tapes a time or two, but their music is pretty different.
Lyra Valenza - Scan, Deliver came out on Opal Tapes recently, and while all the jungle breaks and balearic pop influences on Reality Blizz especially are pretty uncharacteristic of the lable, I love the way it soars.
Other than that, tons of plays of two Kim Cascone albums, neither of which are properly on Youtube. The first is The Crystalline Address, which is a collab with Scanner -- tense, cold drone that paired well with the section of Children of the Sea I was reading a couple days back. All the howling rain and wind and the time underwater, the huge tanks, etc... The other was Book of Standard Equinoxes, which is longer, and both harsher and more...serene, maybe? Phenomenal either way -- some of the best drone I can think of, honestly.

Edit nov 06: Lots of Underworld -- I turned up my nose at them for a while, but spent most of today with Born Slippy or parts of Second Toughest in the Infants playing. Somehow Dirty Epic feels like something from the early 2000s instead of 93...
Oophoi - Mare Tranqullitatus is another one -- mostly while I finished off Children of the Sea. Ybris is probably the biggest standout, and I would link it, but the only upload is a region-locked, autogenerated nightmare. Oh well.
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Feeder - Radiation

really nice peaceful sounding song
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been in the mood to listen to some soundclashs and this one from 02 at the Biltmore is pretty good

warning:really offensive language in more ways than one
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Ah, yep. Won't hear that one from Disgaea anymore.

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Reaper Man
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Came up on my pandora recently:
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kinda want a SwanCrystal tbh

Posts: 21/46

Waiting for this to release already.
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Originally posted by Rambly
Bloodstar Dr. Dre is alive. he didn't die

Originally posted by hydra-calm
Lastly, Kayo Dot - Dowsing Anemone With Copper Tongue is on heavy rotation again. It really is my favorite modern prog album I think -- 5:35 onward in __On Limpid Form is exhilarating.

Ooh, Kayo Dot! I just checked out some songs from them and really loved them and I'm excited to hear an album soon~

Hope you enjoy! If you can tolerate the growling, some of what Toby Driver did in Maudlin of the Well is good too.
Also, guarded recommendation probably, but if you can put up with some of the silly things it does, Coffins on Io is an interesting Kayo Dot release from this decade. Mortality of Doves especially is excellent if you like goth-tinged dreamy-sounding stuff (though the album still has some prog tendencies it's toned down a lot compared to Dowsing Anemone or Coyote or whatever). Tons of good memories of that album and 2AM sencha in the middle of nowhere from a couple years ago...

Addendum since double-posting feels bad: I finally got around to SOPHIE - Oil of Every Pearl's Un-Insides and love it to death.

Addendum 2: Intersystems' first album is terrifying, wonderful stuff.

And at that time was
Sick of the world and walked out into the mountains
And at that time was
God the maker and at that time was man

Another addendum: Braid - Chandelier Swing has been on repeat for ages tonight -- innocent 90s emo with some very pretty guitar work. Much more jaded than 15 and it still works.

As of late October, lots of Arthur Russell. Calling Out of Context is lovely -- probably his poppiest album. I still like World of Echo better, but it's more my thing than Another Thought is.
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Bloodstar Dr. Dre is alive. he didn't die

Originally posted by hydra-calm
Lastly, Kayo Dot - Dowsing Anemone With Copper Tongue is on heavy rotation again. It really is my favorite modern prog album I think -- 5:35 onward in __On Limpid Form is exhilarating.

Ooh, Kayo Dot! I just checked out some songs from them and really loved them and I'm excited to hear an album soon~
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Welp, the pendulum swings from metal to hip-hop, I guess.
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Mine got eaten last time, and I'm too lazy to redo the links, but I might as well toss some stuff in.

Currently listening to Biota - Almost Never, which is very difficult to describe. I've heard some of their music called prog, but this is more like some kind of post-rock-y improvisational music -- guitar, accordion, horns, various electronic manipulation... There aren't really any uploads that aren't automatically-generated region-locked garbage on Youtube. Suffice to say it's very, very good stuff. Biota's other albums are nice too -- I've also been listening to Invisible Map, which is a lot poppier.

Also rediscovered Daniel Menche - Vent, which is an album of very purposefully/slowly-moving, austere drone. This is probably the best track -- the sound design is well-done, there's a very clear, intentional structure, and the atmosphere makes me think of some kind of high-ceilinged room of decaying concrete with gray light and rain seeping in.

Other than that, this other Bloodz Boi track got a lot of plays. Bit embarassed to like this sort of music, but there's definitely...something there. Maybe I'll be able to articulate what I mean later.

I've also been listening to a bunch more Main - Hz since getting it in lossless again. Exemplary cold, repetitive guitar drone. Some almost sci-fi tendencies, but not enough for it to feel like some kind of corny theming. Youtube doesn't have it, but if you can find it, try the "terminus" set of tracks.

Lastly, Kayo Dot - Dowsing Anemone With Copper Tongue is on heavy rotation again. It really is my favorite modern prog album I think -- 5:35 onward in __On Limpid Form is exhilarating.

This turned into quite the wall, didn't it? Not a lot of new stuff, but a good few things I'd forgotten, at least...

Edit: Forgot about Black Scorpion. Not a lot to say except that it's nice, spacy early 90s techno.
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i haven't posted in this thread because i haven't wanted to admit what i'm listening to

but i'll do it anyway because I FEAR NO EMBARRASSMENT AND I HAVE NO SHAME

so i've been listening to of Montreal again

god damn it

so i've been listening to of Montreal again. i was really into them 10 years ago and they were probably my first musical love that a) i got into entirely of my own volition without someone else suggesting them to me; b) that was a little "deeper into the pool" of underground music, so-to-speak (not that they're like, this super-obscure band, but they're a little less well-known than radiohead or w/e i was listening to at the time). elephant 6 was extremely my shit as a teenager

i'm a little surprised at how much i like a lot of their stuff still? i really enjoyed Cocquelicot Asleep in the Poppies, and i still like The Past is a Grotesque Animal and a couple songs off of Satanic Panic and Hissing Fauna and whatnot. i went through a period after Paralytic Stalks where i actively hated them because kevin barnes kinda morphed into a self-absorbed douchebag (or maybe he always was one and i just didn't follow, idk). honestly i don't really have much interest in listening to their newest stuff -- i forget if i read that their latest lyrics were inspired by an atlantic thinkpiece or just sound like one, but neither one of those things seems very... good...

i've also been enjoying The Fall. i avoided them like the plague because i heard a few songs and it just sounded annoyingly "attitudey" at first but i've grown to like This Nation's Saving Grace. i know Mark E. Smith was kind of an asshole (rip) but i'm just really impressed by how consistent the songwriting is (i like almost every track i've heard so far). i generally just like the ugliness of the aesthetic. maybe post-punk is a thing i could get into a little more deeply? i mean i hated post-punk at first because my introduction to them was Public Image Ltd. and johnny rotten honestly just annoys the fucking hell out of me and their lyrics sounded stupid and obvious and they had even more of the dumbass attitude thing going on, except 5,000,000 times more tryhardy

my music taste is kinda lame and lagging right now because i haven't been as deeply invested so far this month, for, uh, reasons. i haven't been able to obtain new music at the pace that i used to.
i'm hoping that'll change again soon...
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I still have my immense playlist of 180,000 tracks that I randomly shuffle through, though a nontrivial amount of them are total junk like three second jingles

What's been a bit of a music mood lately has been Mario Kart DS, specifically the Wifi Connection menu and Rainbow Road. Definitely one of the better ones of the series, that.
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absolutely into that Mega CD Redbook audio aesthetic

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Oh, also, I rediscovered Chiko Hige x Kaoru Sato - Le Chant De La Honte! the other day. Post-punk/??????? full of dizzying spatial tricks.
This new Bloodz Boi track is good too, if you're into that sort of thing.
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Posts: 3813/3818
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Jul - Entertainment - What are you listening to now?

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