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01-18-18 02:58:59 AM
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Jul - Entertainment - What are you listening to now?
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Sweet Dreams played on old computer hardware
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Currently going through a bunch of non-Take Me Out songs from that Franz Ferdinand album in no particular order.
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A few song from this album have been stuck in my head all week, so currently re-listening to the whole thing.
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accidentally listened to Kenji Ozawa's album Life instead of the intended The Dog Barks but the Caravan Moves On the other night. good album, but i rly can't get into the track "Boogie Back Tonight" which is apparently famous but just sounds rly embarrassing to me (some really bad early 90s j-hip-hop rapping).

i found out also that Kenji Ozawa lived in NYC now, which made me wish i ran into him while i was there or knew where he hung out.
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Let's see...

C.K. - Spatial Dynamics. More in the general vicinity of Regelbau -- nothing groundbreaking, but nice spacy stuff regardless (absolutely hate the sample on Log Off though, could only think of how much I'd rather listen to Roni Size's track with it).

His Name is Alive - Stars on ESP. Not sure how I feel about this on the whole, but Wall of Speed is a beautiful track, and the latter half of the album in general is pretty good. Not too happy Mark Kozelek (who I have kind of a vendetta against based on his other work and general behavior) is involved...

The Radio Dept. - Pulling Our Weight. An EP of theirs I missed when I initially found them at 14. Nothing Radio Dept. has done has lyrics that hold up, but some of these are particularly bad. Good dream pop as long as you don't pay attention to that, though. Strange how removed things like this feel from what people think of as pop now.

Mirror - Still Valley. Nice ambient that matches its name perfectly. Seems like no one else on the internet had any fun with it, but I don't know why. Maybe a bit of debt to Lull's less claustrophobic stuff, but that's no bad thing.

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Apparently I haven't posted in this thread in almost 4 years??????

Glass Pyramid - Better By The Minute (1988)
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i’ve been like unhealthily obsessed w/ this ’80s classic.
Robbie Rage
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Back In Time by Huey Lewis and the News

Yeah, I just rewatched it.
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Patsy Biscoe sings 50 favourite nursery rhymes

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Currently the Slash Man level theme from Mega Man 7. One of those things that goes on for half an hour.
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Lots of Painkiller - Execution Ground today. John Zorn + Bill Laswell + Mick Harris (of Napalm Death fame) playing something vaguely derived from grindcore, but with almost all the metal influence leeched out, and a lot more to do with ambient, noise, and free jazz.

This track is probably a good introduction. Also, lots of Gone To Earth era David Sylvian because that combination makes sense...somehow.
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was just reminded recently of this gem of Thai (yes, Thai) shibuya-kei the other day, so it's been spinning on my hard drive (or whatever the equivalent is for a solid-state) since then
Zero One
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Adam Freeland - Fear from the Rez soundtrack. Rez definitely has one of my favourite soundtracks of any game, with Rez Infinite just adding more awesome music to it!
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Ra.H - Fall of Justice. Love Sote and Lack, but haven't checked anything else on Morphine Records out until now. Very happy with the results.

Xali'p - Glass Horizon, which I got since it was the only Acting Press release I hadn't heard. Probably the most ambient Acting Press release, and sounds roughly like its name. The cover is lovely too -- Acting Press dropped off a bit since 2015, but the art design definitely hasn't.

Favorite is probably this cover though:

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no one has any idea how excited i am to get my hands on インスタントシトロン (instant cytron)’s discography. so good.

love live shibuya-kei.
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Move D - Kunstsoff. 1995, from before he was in the habit of releasing solo. Hood in particular is a lovely house track.

I've also been listening to loads of At the Drive-In, especially old shows (e.g. this one in an abandoned classroom there are a billion uploads of). The energy in the In Casino/Out shows leaves me shaking. They got less consistent later, but this show in El Paso has the best live version of 198d I've ever heard.
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Originally posted by Sponty
Queens of the Stone Age

Speaking of... their new album just came out and it's GREAT.
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This song in particular from Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots by the Flaming Lips.

It's weird, but it's nice to know that this is an album that has grown on me over time even when sober. Which kinda makes it perfect stoner music, because it's like 90% of what I listen to then high translates to mediocrity at best (The Glitch Mob's Drink the Sea is also pretty rad).

Also a few days after discovering this album I was watching Game Grumps and Danny actually asked Arin if he's listened to this very album. That timing man.
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Australian band The Beards. They sing songs about beards.
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Been checking out some HOME. Maaan, this dude makes some pretty rad crap.
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Jul - Entertainment - What are you listening to now?

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