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Jul - Entertainment - What are you listening to now?
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I'm listening to a few songs from the Minecraft - Volume Alpha album. Sure, they've been around for a while, and I know quite a few people find them boring, because these are quite slow-paced songs for the most part. Still, there's something so relaxing to them...

They make me remember a few memories of my past Minecraft worlds. One of the houses I build on top of a hill, there'd be clouds going by, the walls were mixed cobble and stone. It was quite a small place that barely had any aesthetic to it, you could even see the hill on the other side through the window! I don't remember getting much further in the game in that world, I don't think I even made a portal to the Nether. There's also my oldest Minecraft world, which is probably still on a computer somewhere at my aunt's house. I don't remember much about it other than it had a house somewhere in mid-air, it was made of Acacia I think?

Then there's my "current" survival world, which I haven't done anything to it since 1.7. Another small house on top of a hill. This one, I didn't really like as much to be honest. This is probably when I started getting bored of playing single-player Minecraft.

There was also the Jul server III. Before this, I had played Minecraft through slightly-less offical manners such as demos and alternative launchers. This server was what made me buy Minecraft for real, and I enjoyed it while it was still active. I ended up missing the first few days or weeks (and I wasn't happy that I got there sort of late). Then there's CaffieCraft...which I guess is where I'm at now.

I guess the really fun part of Minecraft for me is the beginning, really, starting up, looking at the world around you, exploring places to find somewhere to settle down, adventuring in general. There's something about the environment sometimes, it's just so peaceful. Some of the places had such an atmosphere that I actually felt like I wanted to sit there, somewhere and appreciate the scenery.


I dunno why suddenly I'm so nostalgic about everything.

I guess I can also take this time to listen to the songs from the album that aren't in the game. They're...weirdly different from the rest.
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perfect way to start Sunday morning
Posts: 7347/7351
"Santeria" - Sublime

I've found myself finally getting into them a bit more, now that I've heard other stuff over the years besides "What I Got".
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just got so much stuff, mostly shibuya-kei, some Japanese indie pop, some Korean indie, some ambient, some neo-aco, perfect for the start of the bright yet cloudy days of PNW spring. listening to the bolded album.

  1. 800 Cherries
    1. Piccolo (1999)
    2. Opuscula (2000)

  2. advantage Lucy - Station (2000)

  3. Afternoon Tea (Compilation Series)
    1. Afternoon Tea Music for Joy (2006)
    2. Afternoon Tea Music for Happiness (2006)
    3. Afternoon Tea Music for Relaxation: My Sweet Humming (2006)

  4. Buffalo Daughter
    1. Shaggy Head Dressers (1994)
    2. Captain Vapour Athletes (1996)
    3. New Rock (1998)
    4. I (2001)
    5. Euphorica (2006)

  5. Casker
    1. Between (2006)
    2. Your Songs (2009)

  6. chocolatre
    1. コピ・ルアック (2009)
    2. Tot - EP (201)

  7. Cokiyu
    1. Mirror Flake (2007)
    2. Your Thorn (2011)
    3. Haku (2013)

  8. Cymbals
    1. Missile&Chocolate (1998)
    2. NEAT, OR CYMBAL! (1998)
    3. Well-done (2001)
    4. Anthology (2003)

  9. Flipper's Guitar
    1. Three Cheers for Our Side (1989)
    2. Doctor Head's World Tower (1991)

  10. フレネシ (frenesi)
    1. キュプラ (2009)
    2. メルヘン (2010)
    3. ゲンダイ (2012)

  11. Lucite Tokki
    1. A little Sparkle (2009)
    2. Grow to Glow (2012)
    3. L+ (2016)

  12. Minuano
    1. Love Logic (2009)
    2. ある春の恋人 (2010)

    1. Landscape (2005)
    2. Bubblelights (2006)
    3. Greenpeace EP (2007)

  14. Pale Cocoon
    1. 青空の実験室 / Secret Sounds (1982)
    2. 繭 (1984)
    3. 黄金時代 (1984)

  15. risette
    1. Your Own Sweet Way (2001)
    2. Powdery View (2002)
    3. baby pink (2003)
    4. Risette (2008)

  16. Roly Poly Rag Bear
    1. Straw,Water,Pinstripe (2004)
    2. Hana (2007)

  17. Swinging Popsicle
    1. Fennec! (2000)
    2. flow (2016)

  18. 竹村延和 (Takemura Nobukazu) - Child's View (1994)

  19. Three Berry Icecream
    1. Three Berry Icecream (1999)
    2. Apricot (2000)
    3. Permanent Vacation - Split EP with The Fairways (2001)
    4. Rain Drops (2007)

  20. TOMOSUKE - marble (2005)

  21. つじあやの - うららか (1998)

  22. waffles
    1. cinematic (2003)
    2. 10歩 (2012)

  23. World Standard
    1. Allo! (1986)
    2. ワールドスタンダード II (1995)

  24. Yozoh
    1. My Name Is Yozoh (with 소규모 아카시아 밴드) (2007)
    2. Traveler (2008)
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Nearly all of Rapoon - What Do You Suppose? in one sitting. Tense, murky ambient + samples of Bill Cooper rambling about aliens and the JFK assassination works better than it does on paper, that's for sure.
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A track from the pokemon Origin's anime, extended by a fan and then remade as a chiptune track.
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Rina Sawayama - Cyber Stockholm Syndrome
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Materia Collective and iam8bit put out an Ocarina of Time orchestral album last year, and their Kakariko Village cover Village of Shadows is gorgeous.

The whole album is phenomenal, especially when they blend in themes from other Zelda games, along with a new motif (I think?) that runs throughout the whole album.
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Kevin Drumm - Impish Tyrant. Some decent noise in the style I've been craving, after ages without happening onto anything new...
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Magma Mine from Mario Party 9 seems to get stuck in my head every once in a while for no apparent reason. It's a catchy song I guess!
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Let's see...

-The new Paradox EP. Straight-up DnB is nice sometimes...
-Andrew Chalk - Over the Edges. One of my favorite drone albums.
-Hiroyuki Usui - Sings the Blues. Drone-y folk from the same guy responsible for L - Holy Letters, which I've also been listening to a decent bit of.
-Laurel Halo - Quarantine. Almost forgot this. Sounds like a harrowing, emotionally draining fever dream, but hyperdub seems to have kept most of the interesting bits off Youtube, so I can't link to anything but this.

Also, lots of At the Drive-In and Moss Icon as always. I'll be tied to that kind of music for the rest of my life, I think...
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Music from the Celeste OST. Welp.

I'll probably go back to my collection of "everything" soon enough.
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Posts: 5476/5537
RX-0, and Unicorn. This show has really good music.
Posts: 42/84
Breathe - Télépopmusik (im listening to my whole singles playlist atm :p)
Posts: 88/106
Portraits of Past - Snicker Snicker
Posts: 5429/5537
Reach for the Summit

Originally posted by Rick
"Square Hammer" - Ghost
Really good song, I have listen to that a ton, though not recently.
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"Square Hammer" - Ghost
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Quality Amiga d&b from the Irregular Review diskmag.
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Side B of Attitudes in Error - Plus Research by Vita Graft 4. ~30m of short techno tracks stuck together -- lots spacier and rougher-sounding than Vplay (a later release on Acting Press I've talked about previously). The section that comes in with around 8 minutes left is wonderfully disorienting.
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Jul - Entertainment - What are you listening to now?

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