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12-14-18 03:39:35 AM
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Jul - Gaming - No YouTube Monetization for Microsoft's games?
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Unknown Richard
Posts: 258/363
A little update on the policy: Only Machinima partners such as WingsOfRedemption and SHuSTYBANG are capable of monetizing Microsoft and EA's games right now.

Fair enough for Microsoft and EA to Machinima.
Posts: 11735/12211
It's just another blatant grab of control as usual. I'd just ignore it really, until they start trying to enforce it it means nothing.
Posts: 794/1094
I expect the "you can't earn money from ads hosted on the same page as fan works" thing is more intended to keep people from recording videos and then profiting from them. In the case of tcrf, where the ads are used to cover hosting costs, I highly doubt Microsoft would bother to pursue enforcement of the contract, even if they WERE able to link up contributors with actual licensees.
Posts: 2217/2480
just realized this could possibly
cause issues for TCRF if MS decided to be an ass about it
Posts: 793/1094
Originally posted by Lunaria
Wait, is this even legal?

What you are allowed to do with a product you buy is filled under copyright sections fair use.

It's totally legal, because Microsoft is explicitly granting a license to create fan works based on their games. Granted, this only applies if you have to click "I Agree" to it at some point, and I don't know Microsoft's business model well enough to determine if this license is legally enforceable. But do pay attention to those prompts that come up from time to time, because if you enter a contract with Microsoft regarding fan content, they're well within their rights to prosecute you for violating the terms of that contract.
Posts: 2216/2480
lol it's like they are trying
to protect halo canon

also nobody is going to comply
Posts: 4630/5623
Wait, is this even legal?

What you are allowed to do with a product you buy is filled under copyright sections fair use. (And other) I'd think they would have a very weak case should they try to sue anyone for making money on commentated gameplay. Furthermore, this page also (since there is no exception that I can see) targets reviews and other such media. Which is absurd to say the least.

I can't wait for press to talk about this... oh wait.
Unknown Richard
Posts: 248/363
So it seems partnered YouTube users will not be able to monetize for any of Microsoft's games listed below anymore.

* Halo (all versions)
* Forza Motorsport (all versions)
* Fable (all versions)
* Kinectimals
* Kinect Adventures
* Kinect Joy Ride
* Age of Empires (all versions)
* Flight Simulator (all versions)
* Kameo
* Perfect Dark Zero
* Project Gotham Racing (all versions)
* Shadowrun
* Viva PiƱata


You may post your Item to a page or website that has advertising, but only if you do not earn any money from that advertising. For example, if you post your video on Youtube or Vimeo and there happens to be an advertisement next to it, then as long as you don't get paid for that advertisement, the fact that there is an advertisement on the page doesn't break these Rules. But enrolling in the Youtube partner program (or other similar programs), where you are entering into an agreement to get paid, is not allowed. On a similar note, if you create and distribute a free app, then you can't earn any money from advertising in that app.

Doesn't concern me given I don't game capture on a console nor do I plan to on a Microsoft game, but a few partners like Hard8Times and Whiteboy7thst will definitely have difficulties when it comes to Halo 4 and Forza Horizon (I dunno about Rooster Teeth so far since they are partnered with Microsoft).

EDIT: And it turns out EA may be doing the same thing here.
Jul - Gaming - No YouTube Monetization for Microsoft's games?

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