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11-14-18 02:00:34 AM
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Jul - General Chat - Weather Topic
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Thread history
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I will end it by stating that if I can't wear shorts and flip-flops, then the weather is WRONG
Posts: 3547/3818
this thread exists but it’s largely been superceded by this thread.

imo, this one’s the better one, but i’ll let some other mods decide. (i’m a mod, but i’m not an impartial figure here.)
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I didn't know this thread existed.
So there's gonna be some rain in SF this week, but it's mostly gonna be cloudy.
Posts: 82/95
Cold, with no snow... I wish it would snow.
Posts: 3307/3818
It was sunny today and it should be for a few days next week too. Nice. It rained on Christmas Eve, which I was very happy about.
Posts: 1367/1815
The darkest day of the year features a sunny weather that won't matter much anyway, since the darkness quickly arrives.

Oh, and no snow. It hasn't snowed yet this year (or the last year, for the matter).
Posts: 3303/3818
It's 63°F in Seattle now. And yeah, just like two weeks ago it was snowing. Funny how things work. Yesterday it was also in the low 60s and I went out without a coat. It was a wonderful experience. I felt like dancing. People were out picnicking and lounging in the parks like it was summer again.
Posts: 3177/3306
Snow? In Seattle? In November?

Apparently, yes.
Posts: 1357/1815

The icons alone say everything.

What they don't say is that it will apparently remain like this for the remainder of the week (+2 days). :|
Posts: 3301/3818

So I actually bought that transparent bubble umbrella. It's probably the best rain-related purchase I've ever made. Just in time for the rain to start picking up again, too! I almost want to go out when it rains just to see it sliding off the umbrella. Good stuff.
Posts: 12/15
It's been very cold, windy, and dry here throughout the whole week so far. Temps have been in the 20-30 degrees Farenheit range. Yuck.

If this is what autumn has to offer this year, then I'm not looking forward to winter. At least there hasn't been any heavy snow... yet.

Edit: Ugh, it finally snowed this weekend.
Posts: 3300/3818
Daylight saving just ended which I think is actually a great change of pace. The sun now sets in Seattle around 4:30 and we're entering the full swing of autumnal rain. These days, it's actually disappointing when it's "nice" out because I am in love with the dreary, moody atmosphere. The pitter patter of raindrops outside my window is soothing. Fall/winter is great here because, in contrast to spring/summer when it feels like it's virtually never night (also a great experience actually), now it feels like it's never day.

Of course, you need the right mindset to navigate the perpetual rainy night and I think a great way to get your daily needs of daylight when it is raining and between the hours of 7am and 4pm is by owning a transparent bubble umbrella. The dark canopy of traditional umbrellas can be isolating but this take on the rainproof classic is inviting, welcoming. Liars will tell you that Seattleites don't use umbrellas. Maybe they don't, but ones that need to keep some shit dry do.
Posts: 1353/1815
You got: rain.

Now you get: clouds.

At least the temperature isn't too low... it's around 18°C/64°F.
Posts: 125/132
It's horribly hot and humid here. 31 C / 88 F. Bit of a sharp rise given it was only averaging 20 C / 68 F yesterday.
Posts: 299/341
It's raining here in NJ and it's a bit breezy, I hope it clears up for tomorrow.
Posts: 1346/1815
It's somewhat cloudy outside, and it will stay like this until Wednesday so I guess there's nothing special going on...

Still, there's no rain (unless you count the early morning rain that doesn't last that long).
Posts: 3293/3818
Fog came back but not as strongly as last year (yet). I feel like this year has been different so far with a lot fewer showers and drizzles and more thunderstorms/downpours. The other day a waterspout, the first of its sort since 1969, hit the Puget Sound in Pierce County (which trended locally on Twitter) down by DuPont, WA. And now:

Posts: 1322/1815
Today tt was hot enough that I needed to take off my jumper.

Too bad it started raining not long after that...
Posts: 3290/3818
Sweater weather is creeping back and I'm starting to wear sweaters out again. Sweater weather is also boots weather. I'm starting to wear those, too. Tomorrow morning is going to be the first foggy morning of the season in Seattle. I'm so excited. Seattle's best when it's blanketed in thick fog. It's so magical. So pumped for the magic.
Posts: 12177/12211
It is way too hot here. It's a record heatwave, record drought, everything is catching on fire, blackouts are occurring and everything is pretty ugh over here.
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Jul - General Chat - Weather Topic

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