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Jul - TCRF - Prototypes!
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Moreover, there's no NR cartridge or NR reader in sight. Seriously? No pictures to prove it's real. I think that's a Wii below the TV too, but hard to say. bowser22 was oddly not specific about what was in the prototype too.
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So this is more of a bullshit alert than anything else but wanted to convey my thoughts in case anyone else came across this page. Hopefully this will be entertaining for anyone reading this if anything.

Someone claims to have found a Wind Waker prototype at the following link.

Now, of course, I can’t say with absolute certainty that it isn’t real and I’ll gladly eat my own words 3 times over if this is legit. Here is what facts I can gather:

-For one, there’s only 3 or 4 pictures in the whole thread.
-The pics more or less are just of the title screen, one is of the debug mode enabled
-The title logo is gold-ish vs red
-There is the word “confidential” on the title screen

Now here is why I think it’s bullshit and some of this was mentioned in that very thread:

-For such a “prototype”, the person who found it doesn’t show too much besides the title screen. Who cares about that, play the game, dive in and report back what’s different with pics and videos.
-Its been known for a while how to bring up the debug mode in the final retail version of the game. It was found by a TCRF user. Not hard to just enable it and snap a picture.
-The simple color change of the title screen and the addition of the “confidential” text is piss easy to do by someone with a little motivation. Trust me, if an idiot like myself can hack a level into the game then you know that this “prototype” reeks.
-From all the legit first party protos I can remember like OoT and the GBA Metroid games, I never remember any of them being labeled with “confidential”. If anything, I believe they had build dates or debug text.
-No pictures of the game disk itself. It’s not that hard to do.
-Of course, the pictures are just blurry shots taken off of a TV screen. The true sign of quality

But I suppose you shouldn’t take my word for it just because I said so.
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Just posted a dump from a sample version of Cadillac for the Famicom.
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Originally posted by Cuber456
Pokemon blue prototype

The longer I look for prototypes, the more cynical and pessimistic I become with listings like this

More like "prototype". There's no screencaps of the prototype, the cartridge lacks "Nintendo" before "Game Boy", and it seems some labels were ripped off the cartridge.

Yeah, that auction is so bad. To be honest though, this doesn't look any better.

Company auctions are a more viable route at this point.
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Pokemon blue prototype

The longer I look for prototypes, the more cynical and pessimistic I become with listings like this
Posts: 12/12
Those Super Probotector protos are final or dumped.
Posts: 733/737
Two eBay listing by the same user:
"Rare Japanese GameCube store kiosk demos. Some new and sealed. Complete 2005.01-2005.06, 2005.11. 7 discs total!"
US $300.00. 3 days left. Buy It Now/Best Offer.
"Rare Japanese GameCube store kiosk demos. Some new and sealed. Complete 2003 set except 2003.01. 14 discs total!"
US $400.00. 3 days left. Buy It Now/Best Offer.

Most of Japanese demo discs are undumped and GameCube demo discs often have (multiple) pre-release demos and videos of games. These are priced pretty well per disc ($30-$40) in comparison to what I've seen them go for individually on Yahoo! Auctions.

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Originally posted by Cuber456
It’s clearly a Metroid Zero Mission Prototype

No wonder something looked off.
Too bad it isn't something new.
Posts: 754/763
Seller added title screen pic. Judging from the debug text, I believe that the cart has already been dumped as it matches the later of the 2 available MZM proto dumps. My assessment is that it is only valuable as a collector’s item and isn’t anything we don’t already have. Bummer.
Posts: 753/763
>Metroid Fusion Prototype
>It’s clearly a Metroid Zero Mission Prototype

I’m going off of memory here. Judging from the 5 pictures, they match the format/style of previous (2) MZM prototype ROMs that have been dumped so this looks legit. Whether this prototype is actually what has already been dumped, we can’t say. The only easy indicator would be to check the title screen of the prototype which isn’t shown here.

IIRC, the earlier of the two dumped protos of MZM was basically (final game) + (debug stuff activated). I’m glossing over a few details but the MF protos were a little more interesting because there actually were differences outside of just having debug stuff active. For this proto to have a chance to have value beyond being a cool collector’s item, it has to be an earlier proto than what we have dumped. Otherwise I’d say we already have this.
Posts: 731/737
Yeah, I should have noted that.

Also, another eBay item:
Metroid Fusion debug prototype.
Dunno if it is the same as one of the dumped protos. Somebody more familiar with them would need to say. Can't check the debug ROM myself right now.
Edit: it is located in Europe and costs about 1000 euro
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You'd have to see what's on those carts though. And given that these are from Europe, I'd say many of these are either PAL conversion prototypes (which are based on finalized NTSC versions, anyway) or finals, so not very interesting from a glance.
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French game shop got some protoypes and are selling them online. Includes Super Mario Land 2, Metroid II, Super Probotector. €149,90 to €699.90. Maybe someone wants to do a fundraiser?
(search their site for sample, proto, prototype, demo)
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Originally posted by B00daW
Originally posted by mmsc
I have a Thunder & Lightning prototype for the NES:
I can't seem to get past the first level's title screen, so it may be a bad dump..

Might be worth someone looking into it.

mmsc: Please be made aware that you have accidentally dumped your Thunder & Lightning prototype as MMC1 instead of GNROM. Effectively instead of 32K bank switching there is 16K bankswitching instead -- thus every bank dumped there is 16K of PRG missing. The dump you have made available cannot be salvaged.

Please reference arantius's plugins at github for updated plugins.

I was surprised that it was not previously dumped as GNROM. From your pictures, it is apparent that the appropriate board is GNROM. Quite the shame that we hadn't caught this sooner before you sold the prototype.

Thank you so much for sharing your games with us; but one less bad dump in the wild also helps. Feel free to ask for more assistance at the NESdev boards if you come across further issues while dumping NES or Famicom carts.

I hope you find this information well and continue to aid in the preservation process with experience to come.

Hi b00daw,
Thanks for the info. Unfortunately at the time I was using a reference list for what to dump them with.
The Hatris one was also dumped as MMC1, but should be NROM.
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Some stuff I found on auction sites:

Yahoo! Auctions JP:
* - official DS flashcart. The seller hasn't checked if it has anything on it. It has no label on it. 40,300 yen / 353 US dollars.
* - 252 gamecube games including some not for resale games and "E3 mario". 200,000 yen / 1,753 US dollars.
* some boxed gamecube demos. can't tell if they are dumped or not.

* - Spanish GameCube promo DVD. not dumped AFAIK.
Posts: 752/763
Yeah, that’s kind of what I was thinking. Especially because it has what looks to be a logo sticker slapped on it. Not that this is hard fact but I’m assuming a prototype that’s more “midway” through development would be less likely to have such a logo.
Posts: 767/795
It could be a real prototype, but it's likely either close to final or is a final version. Not much to write about really. The only reason it costs so much is because it's in a development cartridge.
Posts: 751/763
Im not optimistic about this one being of real value but I’ll post it anyway.

Conker’s Bad Fur Day
Posts: 764/795
Yep, I saw videos of them. However, as of yet, they are not yet dumped, so there's not a whole lot we can do.
Posts: 144/146
Have you guys heard of the two on-rails prototype builds of Sonic R yet?
Or the split-screen prototype build of the Genesis Sonic 3D Blast?
Because they are real!
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Jul - TCRF - Prototypes!

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