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07-17-18 01:28:54 AM
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Jul - General Chat - What are you eating right now?
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αCheese enchiladas with nori yesterday. ^..^

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Not now, but later, some stuffed pizza. There's a 25% off deal at a local-ish pizza place.
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I'm making okonomiyaki! But the boy doesn't like it and I'm kind of sad about that. The rest of the family is enjoying it.
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I'm not really eating anything, but I'm on my third cup of coffee tonight. Normally I prefer to sweeten it but a lot of sweetened coffee makes me act weird and I needed something to help keep me awake a little longer
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I'm making (not quite yet eating) chicken and celery sandwiches. I found the recipe in a cookbook for babies and toddlers. They say that thicker, stickier fillings can make sandwiches easier for babies to handle (we will see).

It's basically finely chopped cooked chicken, finely chopped celery, mayo (mm kewpie), chives, and a squeeze of lemon. I'm going to put it on light rye. It sounds alright for a grown up sandwich as well, and babies who see their parents eating the same thing they are do tend to eat better…

Update: baby's sandwich is everywhere. Adult sandwich wants some salt and pepper.
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Apparently dinner wasn't enough to fill me up (somehow..) so I opted to have a couple doughnuts and another cup of coffee.
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αToday was full of (a) too much popcorn and (b) chicken in garlic sauce. :-9

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I decided on "breakfast for dinner" tonight, mainly because most days I don't really have anything for breakfast and I wanted something different. Eggs & bacon, sausage, toast, cinnamon rolls and a nice cup of coffee.
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The intermittent fasting has helped with my sugar cravings and I've lost a little bit of weight.

Next up is fixing my microbiota. It is messed up since I got mastitis and was put on some very heavy antibiotics. I have been eating a lot of Greek yoghurt and looking into other fermented foods. I also had a bunch of raspberries with it, I think they may be a prebiotic or something, I forget, there was a reason I bought them though. I bought kefir and I am a little nervous about trying it later on.

The Greek yoghurt makes me have a very mild tummy ache, which is probably a sign of how messed up my gut is. Given that kefir is much more potent I may give it a few days before I try it.
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I'm still having nothing. Well, coffee (black, no sugar), but no food.

The sugar cravings have stopped. I'm not hungry all the time. I'm not devouring huge amounts of carbs. The intermittent fasting is doing exactly what I hoped, really.
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αI'm really liking this El Yucateco habanero sauce now that we're using it more again. We should make sure to get more. I'm not sure I like the black kind as much, it's got too strong a smoke flavor for most things. The red and green are pretty good working hot sauces, and the kutbil-ik is nice sometimes.

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I packed some dark chocolate-covered peanuts in with my lunch today, but they were gone before I left my neighborhood because I have good impulse control.
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αNothing right now, but it was enchiladas earlier. Comfort food was necessary for Reasons.

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Lamb rogan josh that I made in the pressure cooker! I'm so happy with how the pressure cooker works.
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[β] Pub food, because we were at the local board game pub today.

Relatedly, we found a problem with their supposedly game-friendly menu the previous time we were there: their sliders can be ordered with an egg added. Except they don't do the egg over hard for some reason. The tiny plate is not enough to catch the results. Siiigh.

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I had salmon for dinner, which is something I usually don't cook much.

It was kind of fun to do though (and it actually went well, surprise surprise).
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I'm having nothing.

I'm trying some intermittent fasting for a while because I'm a slave to sugar and it needs to stop.
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I made French toast again. I do like French toast Thursday.

Now to try to behave myself the rest of today because I am still trying to lose my pregnancy weight and ugh I just want to eat all the tiiiiiiime why
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(+) Today turned out to be a day for a Qdoba's quesadilla.

There was so much cheese on it though, what

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Jul - General Chat - What are you eating right now?

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