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01-21-18 05:56:29 AM
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Jul - General Chat - What are you eating right now?
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Haigh's Chocolate Speckles.

Haigh's is an Adelaide-based chocolatier and they make my absolute favourite chocolate in the whole wide world. Admittedly, I haven't been able to try that much chocolate from overseas. They sure beat the pants off Lindt and Godiva though.
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So goood!
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Little Debbie's Nutty Buddies!
Posts: 1192/1311
Being very naughty and having a Terry's Chocolate Orange.
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Originally posted by FieryIce

Fried green plantain, PR style They're delicious! It was my first time making them.

That looks really appetizing.
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Fried green plantain, PR style They're delicious! It was my first time making them.
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a food which i really lost taste for when i lived in Seattle, but it’s actually that much better out in the East Coast.
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Originally posted by sammyrms1
Filipino style spaghetti and orange mango juice.

I’m curious: how is Filipino style different?

I had ćevapčići for dinner.
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Filipino style spaghetti and orange mango juice.
Posts: 1171/1311
That sounds pretty nice.

I just finished poached eggs on toast and a glass of Milo. They were good. I shouldn’t have had the Milo really but I was still hungry, and we also have a lot of milk so I thought I’d drink some before it goes bad.
Robbie Rage
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A bagel and cup of coffee. Happy New Year to me.
Posts: 1162/1311
A chicken burger from Hungry Jack’s, which is what we call Burger King here.
Posts: 3507/3547
steamed fish
arugula salad
egg-drop squash miso soup
buttercream frosted cut-out cookie, tree shape
Posts: 71/88
Ribs & rice.
Posts: 1155/1311
Lemon and honey cough lollies. Supposed to be antibacterial or some shit, but mostly just makes me stop trying to hack up all that nothing that my throat thinks is a something.
Posts: 1131/1311
Oh yeah

I should eat.

Coffee does not count as an “eating” thing
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Star mac & cheese and some hot cocoa.
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Today I made Japanese curry with beef and now I feel bad for not making it earlier. It was so good

I also need to eat beef more often. This was the first time in months...
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guess who just made FAR TOO MUCH TOMATO SOUP
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Honey garlic pepperoni, y'know, part of a well balanced breakfast.
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Jul - General Chat - What are you eating right now?

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