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06-22-18 08:16:53 AM
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Jul - General Chat - What are you eating right now?
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Posts: 1745/1747
I'm still having nothing. Well, coffee (black, no sugar), but no food.

The sugar cravings have stopped. I'm not hungry all the time. I'm not devouring huge amounts of carbs. The intermittent fasting is doing exactly what I hoped, really.
Posts: 37/42

αI'm really liking this El Yucateco habanero sauce now that we're using it more again. We should make sure to get more. I'm not sure I like the black kind as much, it's got too strong a smoke flavor for most things. The red and green are pretty good working hot sauces, and the kutbil-ik is nice sometimes.

Posts: 3/5
I packed some dark chocolate-covered peanuts in with my lunch today, but they were gone before I left my neighborhood because I have good impulse control.
Posts: 34/42

αNothing right now, but it was enchiladas earlier. Comfort food was necessary for Reasons.

Posts: 1741/1747
Lamb rogan josh that I made in the pressure cooker! I'm so happy with how the pressure cooker works.
Posts: 33/42

[β] Pub food, because we were at the local board game pub today.

Relatedly, we found a problem with their supposedly game-friendly menu the previous time we were there: their sliders can be ordered with an egg added. Except they don't do the egg over hard for some reason. The tiny plate is not enough to catch the results. Siiigh.

Posts: 1774/1780
I had salmon for dinner, which is something I usually don't cook much.

It was kind of fun to do though (and it actually went well, surprise surprise).
Posts: 1740/1747
I'm having nothing.

I'm trying some intermittent fasting for a while because I'm a slave to sugar and it needs to stop.
Posts: 1695/1747
I made French toast again. I do like French toast Thursday.

Now to try to behave myself the rest of today because I am still trying to lose my pregnancy weight and ugh I just want to eat all the tiiiiiiime why
Posts: 30/42

(+) Today turned out to be a day for a Qdoba's quesadilla.

There was so much cheese on it though, what

Posts: 1686/1747

Posts: 29/42

(+) Amy's French Country Vegetable, because apparently we didn't manage to get to sleep properly tonight. *glares at her twin*

(−) … why are you looking at me?

(+) You were front prime today!

(−) *sigh*

Posts: 4111/4111
Rice, bean stew, and broccoli! The menu for this week.

Good thing I don't get tired of eating the same thing every day!
Posts: 1658/1747
I put the eggs in a pot of cold water, and bring that to the boil, then I put a lid on, turn the heat off, and wait 10 minutes. Finally I put the eggs in an ice bath. Considering steaming them next time though.

We're having hot cross buns!
Posts: 1756/1780
Heh, that's a fun one. I usually put them in a small pot and wait about 10 minutes when I'm at home. Works every time.
Unfortunately, this isn't the case when I do this on the "college" kitchen, which has a different burner. I still haven't got it perfectly right there.

Anyway, as for me, I've had a plain pizza. Nothing that unique.
Posts: 1656/1747
I'm hard-boiling eggs.

I forget how to do it every time (like, how to do it *well*) so I look it up, and man, hard boiling eggs is a controversial topic…
Posts: 17/42

(±) I'm a bit ashamed that we actually like these cheese and fruit packs from Starbucks so much. It's just such good choices that go together though—the three types of cheese, the crisp texture of the crackers, the apple and grapes…

Posts: 88/88
in bed drinking kahlua *peace sign*
Posts: 1651/1747
Made a lamb rogan josh in the slow cooker. Was very good. Fed a little to the baby, I think he liked it, but it's also clear he's slightly concerned about the spice. We gave him some cucumber after a bit too.
Posts: 14/42
We just had some leftover hot and sour soup from Chinese delivery yesterday.
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Jul - General Chat - What are you eating right now?

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