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Jul - The Cutting Room Floor - Weird Discoveries
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Posts: 1080/1081
When I used the Luma locale switcher to tell USA version Super Smash Bros for 3DS that my system is "Korean", the option to connect to Wii U disappeared. But the game otherwise seems to remain in English.

This opens up the possibility the menu's contents may be hidden, rather than removed, in the game's actual Korean version. Something to look into.
Posts: 2/2
A long, long time ago (2005), I was playing Petz 5 when it suddenly up and crashed. For whatever reason I decided to take a look at the error report instead of ignore it, and was greeted with these:

Tha... tha... tha... that's all, folks!

For some reason something thought it was being held!

hello there


FAILED ??? wow, heavy man.

#### BIG 'OL ERROR: You have %d groups -- TOO MANY

PFM_[V4.015] (c) 1999 The Learning Company Properties, Inc. (Hi Mom, indeed!)

BannerSprite::Update() - We've been looking for a banner waaaaay to long!

CharacterSprite::IsSpriteInThisContainer2() - This is a crappy old function, replace!

We didn't load any toys... something's amiss!

There was a lot more than that, but these were the most entertaining of the bunch. Most are just recycled from Petz 4.
Posts: 34/35
Originally posted by BMF54123
That's incorrect; the order of the buttons is A B Select Start U D L R, which means B = 40 and Select = 20. Some games do weird stuff to the inputs and shuffle the buttons around, but this game is not one of them.

I suppose it would depend on whether the games do left or right shift to move buttons from MMIO to RAM. I think I've seen both (shifting the bits the opposite direction would result in B = 2)
(but probably not like the first NES programming tutorial I ever read that stored every button in a separate byte )
Posts: 26/26
I noticed on the Beetle Adventure Racing page for N64 the mention about the regional lockout message.

Pretty sure I seen another Nintendo 64 article about it too.
Here's a collection of images that show a lockout screen for PAL games on NTSC consoles if anyone is interested:

These are shown when attempting to play the PAL release on a Japanese or North American system.
Posts: 122/124
It's a Genesis launch title so I highly doubt that lol.

Anyway I figured out that all the default high score names are developer names, and the first two lists, side-by-side, are first and last names. Dunno what most of the names are, but Chikako Kamatani is likely one of them. She was probably responsible for converting the music from the arcade version.

I also added the NAO thing to the article.
Posts: 5251/5258
NAO is often a memeish way to say NOW, but I don't know if that was true at the time that game was made?
Posts: 1069/1081
A funny thing I stumbled on while researching for the article.
Ranma 1/2 Hard Battle keeps the French names in the English PAL release.

Except they didn't bother to change Ryoga or Happosai.
Posts: 121/124
Sounds like a dev credit. There's already some hidden in the game:

programmed by waka,hama thanks OHE R/D#1

Putting two and two together, and going through potential names on Sega Retro, I would guess... Naohiro Warama?
Posts: 4/10
I'm not sure if this discovery is tcrf-worthy, but I was playing the Sega Genesis port of Super Hang-On a few weeks ago and I discovered that you can't name yourself SEX in the high score screen. If you do that, the game changes your initials to NAO (I have no idea what that is supposed to mean). I looked through the game with a hex editor and I found the part where it changes SEX to NAO and it doesn't seem that there are any other banned words. I also tried several other 3-letter words that might be banned, and the game did not stop me from using them.

I don't know why they banned this word and only this word. This game doesn't save your high scores, so it's not like there was a possibility that some kid might learn about sex by renting Super Hang-On from Blockbuster. I've been meaning to try out the original arcade version in MAME to see if it also censors SEX, but I've been preoccupied with some other stuff and I keep putting it off.
Posts: 25/26
My apologies sir, you're very correct.

I'm guessing my mistake came from improper player 2 button mapping on the keyboard :-(
Just tried it on an NES Classic and the tcrf page was indeed correct.
Posts: 5855/5872
That's incorrect; the order of the buttons is A B Select Start U D L R, which means B = 40 and Select = 20. Some games do weird stuff to the inputs and shuffle the buttons around, but this game is not one of them.
Posts: 24/26
Hi :-) just wanted to mention an error on one of your fantastic wiki pages (likely a typo).

It should be:
Down + Right + Select (select button instead of the B button)

The programming is checking for a value of 0x45 at address 006D which is achieved by Down + Right + Select (04+01+40)

Button values:
Down = 04
Right = 01
Select = 40

Also, since it's a hard code to input (at least my keyboard and/or pc does not like that many keys held down) you may want to add a Game Genie code to achieve the cheat:

Episode Select
Note: Press Down on controller 1 at the Episode 1 Start screen.
Posts: 706/710
I was bored so I ripped the contents of that crappy Duck Dynasty game for PC and found a bunch of undiscovered cheat codes, a lot of (apparently) commented out stuff, test items, leftover files for a WII build (this was probably never worked on and is likely part of their game engine), batch files to update the game files (the executables are not in the archive), instructions for the game parameters, and uh, these two.

The first (Si with a feather boa) is technically unlockable via a cheat code, but the code is blank. The second (Willie's Pink Bandanna) has a cheat code, but entering it tells you that it's invalid. It seems to be commented out.

Edit again: The credits file actually mentions that there was a QA team for the Wii port... so I guess they just never released or finished it.

Also, the data files for the two items above seem to be commented out straight in the configuration data, so there's no way to unlock them in game.
Posts: 120/124
A while back I was looking at the manual scans for the games on the NES Mini that Nintendo uploaded. Here are some Zelda things I noticed.

In this infamous screenshot from the English manual, if you zoom in, you can see the remnants of the Japanese text, which was presumably inked over. (Note the text in the JP version is right-justified, starting just above the old man.)

And in the Japanese manual, if you look closely at the pictures of the sprites, you can see remnants of the grid for whatever they used to display them. These are some of the more obvious examples. Notice the "ABC" in that generic NES font along the top and left sides of the sprites.
Posts: 1067/1081
Originally posted by BatElite
Not weird or anything, but the PC port of Mega Man X5 has a build date: "CAPCOM Aug 7 2001 02:26:37 CAPCOM" - Maybe the PS one does as well?

Getting back to that game, I just pointed out that the American PS instruction booklet uses the Japanese Maverick names.
Posts: 22/22
Originally posted by Rick
I may have brought this up a long time ago, but I honestly don't remember.

I remember an old VHS tape I had with a sample copy of Shadow of the Ninja on it, and I'm quite positive it used to have some in-game debug features on it. I could never figure out as a kid how they went from 1-1 to 5-2 and beat the game, but I'm certain there had to be some little debug quirks in it! It even had "SAMPLE" in it!

I'm going to see if I can get the footage back from my pal.

BUT ANYWAY...I wonder if these are still in there, but disabled. I'm pretty sure infinite health and a stage skip are possible ones.

(I'm also gonna see if I can't get the VHS rips again and actually make sure the backups are in safer keeping this time. )

Probably just an edit in the footage
Posts: 7371/7439
A couple of the textures in 1-3 of Kirby 64 have transparency to them that the game does not use.

The square wave pattern used on things like the balcony was going to double as crenelation. Curiously, one of the September 1999 screens shows it being used without the transparency. Unless there's more screenshots from that stage, we won't know if they ever really used the transparency.

The weirder one is the stained glass window. All of the black parts of the texture are transparent. The only reason I could see them doing this is if they wanted to also use it for a lighting effect.

Oh yeah, and the cutscene where Kirby meets Ribbon has a tiny extra fence post floating off to the right-hand side. I'll have to check and see if it's visible at all when the camera turns around to face the sunrise.
Posts: 107/108
Tiny find. But in the late prototype of Kid Chameleon Hidden Palace released two years a go, there's one major change to one of the most notorious obstacles in the game. In the final game, the "Murder wall" (which is featured in "Hills of the Warrior 1", "Forced Entry", and "Bloody Swamp") has a special condition check for "Hills of the Warrior 1" where it's set to move at a slower speed in comparison to its use in the later levels. In the prototype, none of the code for this is present so it's just as difficult to outrun in the first stage as it is in the later levels. Somebody must've got upset before the game went gold.
Posts: 701/710
I mentioned this on Twitter... Super Street Fighter II for DOS seems to be based on the SNES version. Some of the graphics can even be seen in a tile viewer.

Apparently the dev ported several SNES games to PC...
Posts: 135/135
Any idea on what's the deal with this smoking penguin in SMS Penguin Land?

Also, could somebody please have a quick look at Puzzle Bobble's graphics? I think there was an unused set of sprites in the original Bubble Bobble style.

EDIT: Ok, turns out that somebody has ripped them already so here they are:

EDIT 2: Not sure if it qualifies as "weird" enough, but I found out that Columns for the FM Marty shows this screen and enters an endless loop when the copy protection check fails:
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Jul - The Cutting Room Floor - Weird Discoveries

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